Thursday, August 28, 2008


It looks like I've been neglecting my blog again... I'll try to get back on more often! I know how disappointing it is to visit a blog and see the same thing for weeks...a few days is one thing, but it's always like "where did she go??" when it's the same week after week.

Life has been busy around here, I've been working on "FlyLady" along with Heather, and it's been loads more fun knowing she's working on her house/routines/family too! It's so easy to feel like the only one with a heap of laundry, or who hasn't dusted in...*ahem* a while... ;) Her (Flylady's) "do it for 15 minutes" approach has really helped change how I think about things. I've realized how quickly I can get most jobs done when I just *do them*. I think that since I tend to let a job sit there for days or weeks it seems like a big job, since the "knowing" about it has dragged on for so long...but actually doing it only takes a few minutes! So I'm starting to just do it (!) instead of letting it pile up and take up my oh-so-precious brain space.

One example of this is that I've started walking. Heather got me hooked on reading a blog (I'll find the link again and post it later) of a mom of 6 who has lost about 70lbs. in the last year. On her own, without shelling out for a gym membership, or buying into fad diets...and all with little kids! Her mentality was also to "just *do* it!", so...I am! I brought my stroller over to Heather's yesterday and we loaded up all the babies (Anthony rides in the sling until I can save up for a twin stroller) and took a mile-ish walk. That's an up-hill/down-hill walk, pushing about 50-60lbs. and carrying another 20! It's not exactly easy, but it will ultimately be worth it. :) Today I waited for the heavy rain to stop, and took the babies out, even though it was still drizzling. I snuggled Jenny in with a blanket to keep her dry (it was warm out, but breezy), and tucked a blanket over Anthony...if I tuck it under the sling straps it stays up great! And off I went. The route I've chosen is fairly flat, but that lets me go a bit further. It was a total of 1.4mi.!!-in 35-40 minutes! Which means that I'm making acceptable time, even with pushing the stroller. :-D YAY!! My legs are sore for the first time in a year, but that's a good means that somewhere in there there's muscle! lol I have two baby's worth of weight to loose, and I'd like to do it before the next baby comes I figure I can count on having one year. I'm hoping for a pound a week. Maybe some weeks will be better, some will be slower. I don't have a firm "goal" number in mind, more of a general physical condition...and I have a long ways to go! But my plan is to change one habit each month...this month is adding walking. Next month will be a permanent no-fast food and adding in water. I will decide on Octobers when I see where I am in September. :) My plan is to go walking every day, whether it's just me and the kids, or with someone. I got some funny looks today, what with wearing a baby (under a blanket!) and pushing a stroller in the rain, but I'm willing to deal with that. :) My goals are pretty summer I want to be able to walk to the park (about a mile each way), run around and play with my babies, and walk home. So...wish me luck! :)

Oh, and how cool is this sling cover?? I think I'm going to try to make one...sort of an upgrade from the receiving blanket!


Eliza said...

I got all teary when I read "me & the kids"....I can't believe we're growing up :( College and did that happen?!

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm proud of you (and Ducky, too) for making these efforts. In addition to being fun to watch, it is great to do this for yourself and your family.

Making small changes is the way to go--learned that from Mom. I've dropped 40 in the past year just giving up (almost completely) ice cream and other late night snacking.

I bet you are walking and running around the park a lot sooner than you think!

Sommer said...

I've been kind of posting few and far between this summer too. Just too busy, but I do hope to get back to it soon more frequently.

Great work on the walking! I really need to get doing that myself.

Have a good weekend!

Lots of love,

lissawi said...

Hi! I found your blog from Romantic History. Thanks for mentioning the FlyLady. I've been meaning to follow her too and I forgot where it was. Thanks!