Monday, August 11, 2008

Merchandise Monday

This is something I've wanted to do for a while...I suppose the name might be a bit hokey, but it's the best my mama-brain can do. :) The idea is that every Monday I'll share a product or business that I like. Others can feel free to join me...leave a comment with your blog link for now...I'll eventually figure out something like "Mr. Linky" if anyone actually wants to join in. :)

So, for this week I thought I'd share about one of my all time favorite businesses. Magic Cabin. It has wonderful toys for all ages (I've even had to talk myself out of getting toys for me, lol). I got the kit for this lovely dolly (tragically tucked into an unlabeled box during the move...desperately trying to find it!!). There toys are a lovely alternative to generic-off the shelf plastic toys. I just got the latest catalog the other day, and I'm already picking out some Christmas gifts for my littles. My favorite splurge item? Definitely this silk blanket...we got Jenny the rainbow one when she was a baby...I'm deciding if that's an "all babies" item, or if Mr. Anthony might get the stars wouldn't believe how soft and warm these things are! Enjoy!!
Until next time!

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Sommer said...

Welcome back Tilly! I am glad that all is going well for you. I am in shock at the size of your dear boy!!! Wow! Of course there is no excuse as to why you haven't received a present for dear little boy other than I've procrastinated and when I saw what a big boy he was...well, let us just say he grew out of what I was going to make it long before it was made:-0

I do hope to send you something soon. Forgive me for being so slow.

Hope all is well with you and hope to talk to you again soon!

Oh yeah, I also really love Magic Cabin. Awesome place:-)

Lots of love,