Monday, July 28, 2008

End of Summer Sales!

Thanks to Heather, I was able to get over to Target's end of summer sales. I might try to get back this weekend to see what the sales are like for me, but I was able to get some great stuff for the babies next summer! In the interest of encouraging others to go look at the sales, I'll share my deals...

Bathing suit for Jenny... reg. price: $6.88, sale: $4.81
Bathing suit for Anthony... reg. $5.88, sale: $4.11
8 pairs of shorts for Anthony... reg. $3.99 each... sale: $.98 each (!!)
2 pairs lace tights... reg. $2.99 each, sale: $1.48 each (I can never find these because of how quickly they sell out at Easter time!)
2 *soft* ribbed tanks for Jenny- will be t-shirt dress style nightgowns... reg. $3.99, sale: $.98 each!
10pr. white bobbie socks for Jenny... reg. $6.00, sale: $3.00
10pr. white crew socks for Anthony reg. $6.00, sale $3.00
5 onesies for Anthony reg. $9.88, sale: $4.94
3 pack of footie jamies for Anthony (current size) reg. $8.88, sale: $4.44
Soft leather shoes for Anthony (for this fall/winter) reg. $12.99, sale: $6.48
onesie shirt for Anthony reg. $3.99, sale: $.98

So...instead of spending $105.28, I spent $46.75! Hurray for sales!! That takes care of allot of the needs for next summer, which is great. I have a bin of stuff for Anthony this winter, and have fabrics for Jenny...which is just as good as clothes!

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