Saturday, June 28, 2008

Progress :-)

Wow! Today is one of those days that you get to check lots of big things off of your to-do list. For starters, I am still making progress on my goal of getting up earlier. Today Jenny and I left the house about 9:30 to pick up our food share at the farmer's market. We get a bag full of fresh, organic produce every Saturday morning, along with a bunch of fresh flowers, a bunch of herbs, and a dozen eggs. Jenny also gets to pick out a bag of freshly baked cookies for a treat. :) After that we dropped Heather's camera off (thanks again for the loan!!), and took care of a few errands at my family's house. When we got back the Dish Network guy was here to set up our TV (hurrah for HGTV!). We got a big dent done on all of our picking up which felt *so good*. I still have a bunch to do, but it feels like we made good progress. After that Joe's grandmother came over to see our house. She lives up in New Jersey so we wanted to make sure she saw it while she was down here! And the very best part of the day happened right as she was getting ready to leave (lol, not like that!!)--the air conditioner repair guy came by!! We've been without air for a good month now...the pump was still working, but it wasn't cooling the house...evidently the freon level had gotten so low that the inner workings had frozen up...Joe said something about it being the most ice the guy had ever seen! That sounds a bit flipent...but there's now way I can remember all of the air conditioning/heat pump parts involved in the long version of what he said. :-p The poor guy was here from 3:30 until about 8:00, but only charged us for 3 hours of work! Instead of just shutting everything off and coming back to see if it was all melted on Monday-he stayed and did all he could to speed up the melting process, from turning the heat on to running a hose over the ice! It even started to poor while he was finishing up and he stayed until it was all taken care of. We're really happy with the service from these guys!

I need to go take care of a hungry little guy now, but keep an eye out for a post with a bunch of new blog links coming soon! I've been doing a bit of blog hopping and have found some lovely, Titus 2 style blogs that are just lovely reading for any homemaker or homemaker to be!

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Lauren Christine said...

Oooh, we stayed at a fancy hotel once with cable and we got to watch HGTV. I watched it for like 3 hours straight :) It was awesome!