Saturday, May 03, 2008


Okay, first the reason for the title...I taught Jenny a new word... :-D Yup, my sweet little 2 year old can say "Balderdash". :-D It is simply the funnies thing ever!

Lately I've been busy nesting...trying to get things clean and organized before I spend two weeks (even if it means back to back Veggie Tales!) with my feet up. I have about half of our bedroom done...which means I'm working on storage and organization for baby clothes, Jenny clothes (that are out of season, or more likely, too small), my clothes, extra bedding etc... So far so good! Jenny's getting really good about helping with jobs, so as I get less and less mobile, she's getting better and better at "go-fer" jobs.

My big sewing plans right now are to first make the t-shirt dresses for Jenny and my niece's summer clothes...Jenny's getting them because she desperately needs them, and my niece is getting them as an early birthday gift...because she too, desperately needs them. They've both grown enormously in the last year, so it has become the top priority. They should go together pretty quickly, as I'm just doing a simple gathered skirt. Hopefully Ducky can help me get pictures of them all to share when everything's done! After that I'm planning to start a quilt for our bed. I've started a few quilts over the past 3 years, but all three are fairly labor intensive as far as piecing goes, so I've decided to do a Loan Star quilt, pieced by machine. I've found some neat websites that take some of the confusion of the assembly out, so with any luck it should go together really quickly! The best thing is that all of the fabric will be coming out of my stash, so it is a free project! Again, I'm planning on pestering Ducky and her camera for pictures of my progress. :)

I'm going to try to be more regular about posting here, but I'm loaning my lap top to my girlies for their big trip...Joe has said I can use his laptop in the evenings though, so I should be able to get on here most days. Still no baby news...I'll be sure to share when there is something to say!

Have a lovely weekend!


Sommer said...

Okay...I was so happy to see a post..I've missed you dear friend! It sounds like all is well and busy. Can't wait to here the news about little Anthony:-)

Take it easy dear and know that I am praying.

Lots of love,

Heather said...

Just say when and the camera is yours my dear. Good luck with all your exciting projects!