Tuesday, April 22, 2008


For anyone who wears bows, or has a little girl in their life who wears them...this tutorial is a must!
I can't wait to try them out!!


Lauren Christine said...

They are so cute! I need to bookmark that...

Sarah Jane Meister said...

Those are adorable! Even though I don't have any little girlies, I might make some for myself. :)

Hope you're feeling okay these last few weeks of pregnancy!

Lauren Christine said...

Tilly.... I miss your posts!! Do come back to blogland...



P.S. I found out I'll be in Arlington, VA for two days in July. Is that very far from you?? :)

Sommer said...

I'm with dear Lauren...do come back, it is so nice to read your posts:-)

I do hope you are well my friend!

Lots of love,