Monday, April 07, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Peggy, over at The Simple Woman, has begun hosting "The Simple Woman's Daybook" every Monday. Please feel free to join in the fun!! I've been looking for a few things to start doing on this blog to make it a bit more structured for a few days each week...would my readers be interested if I also did the popular "Works for me Wednesday" or "Show and Tell Friday"? Just let me know in the comments section!
FOR TODAY April 7, 2008...

Outside My Window...a cloudy sky, blue star balloons on my mailbox from the Shower yesterday...and an empty driveway awaiting my hubby's return in a few minutes...

I am thinking... tonight's girl's night!-I'm helping my sister with a quilting project and trying to decide what I want to work on while she's here...

I am thankful for... a two year old that takes long naps!!

From the kitchen... left over shower cake and goodies

I am creating... finishing the edges on some flannel baby wipes for my nieces, and Jenny's birthday gift

I am going... no where with this cold!

I am wearing... sick knit pj pants (they fit my belly!) and a navy blue maternity t-shirt, white socks and hair down. I was going to share what Jenny is wearing, but upon glancing over to see what her shrieks of delight were for, I see she has learned to remove her she's wearing green sweatpants...with *2* pacifiers in her mouth....... :-p

I am reading... I just finished the whole Little House series, and I think I'll borrow some of the other's from my mom (I just have to decide if I want to read the Martha books, or the Rose books!)

I am hoping... to feel much better tomorrow, and that Jenny wont get sick this time!

I am hearing... my sweet girl humming during her gold fish cracker snack :-)

Around the house... are lots of balloons, blue streamers, and new baby things to be washed and put into place!

One of my favorite things... my feather bed!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Rest lots, drink lots of water, grocery shop, Zoey's baptism, Jenny's party, make Jenny's birthday dress, as well as her gift...that should be enough!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Lauren Christine said...

I'm really liking this :) And I always enjoy a new picture of pretty miss Jenny!

Mamselle Duroc said...

How sweet and pretty Miss Jenny looks!

Peggy said...

Oh Tilly! This was so much fun! You have blossoms down already? I am hoping by the week-end things begin to pop here on the mountain! Thank you so much for taking part!
P.S. You and Livvie must get together soon. I know she misses you very much!

~~Anne said...


Joining in on Peggy's daybook is fun!! I surely enjoyed reading about your day. Little Miss Jenny is getting so big.And so pretty, too!!


Sommer said...

Oh, I loved hearing about your day:-) I think I will join in this next Monday! What fun!

I'm sure the other "day" things would be fun..I'd be interested:-)

Hope you feel well soon, dear friend!

Lots of love,

heyitseliza said...

that is a breathtaking picture :-)

Cassidy said...

I hope you feel better!!