Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Not So Little Baby...

Recently, Joe has started reading "Little House in the Big Woods", to Jenny at bedtime each night. It's really amazing how long Jenny will lie there and listen to it...and it's sweet to hear him stop every now and then to break things down to her level...like making maple sugar. I always make him leave her door open so that I can listen in, and tonight Jenny had a question...
(looking at a picture of Pa)"Jesus?"
Joe: No, that's not Jesus. He has a beard like Jesus, but that's Pa.
Jenny: "Jesus."
Joe: No, see, Jesus doesn't wear a hat.
Jenny: "Oh."

:-P How funny is that?


Mamselle Duroc said...

That is so darling!

I have such sweet memories of my own daddy reading that book to me.


Lauren Christine said...

SO cute! What a precious memory.

Sommer said...

Those are the moments that make the hard times worthwhile! We are blessed with so many more awesome, God-given moments!

She is a doll!

Claire said...

Oh, she is so cute!!


Your Friend in Christ,
Claire (Lily Maiden)

Phil 4:8