Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Month Left!!!

Yup, as of today I'm exactly one month before my due date. I'm not sure if I should put a " :-) " or a " :-O " after that...lol! Baby preperations are going smoothly, if slowly. Two nights ago I had a fit of nesting and made a cover for the changing pad, and re-lined all three of the baskets I have for my changing table in matching cat print flannel...and snatched Joe away from his evening routine stuff to help me move said changing table into the living room. :-P This afternoon I'm hoping to finish getting that all set up, and maybe start on packing my hospital bag. I know, at almost 36 weeks it really should be packed by now, but I think that I was dragging my feet in hopes that if my bag wasn't packed then I couldn't go into early labor!-A big concern for me because my local hospital doesn't deliver babies before 36 weeks, and I really didn't want to have to go 30 min. away to a new hospital and new doctors...neither of which have I heard grand things about!

Everything went very well at my appointment today, despite it being so early. ;-) B.P. is holding stable at just where they want it, and there is little to no swelling now, so my doctor was *very* happy-which is always reassuring! Since there were some B.P. worries earlier, she is going to start having me go in for weekly non-stress tests. No big deal really, except that it has been hard enough to stomach going in once a week, so now having to go in twice is going to drive me crazy. :-)

Like I said the other day, I want to share some little bits about Jenny's birthday and my sewing projects (I borrowed Eliza's camera, so I can even share some pictures!) over the next few days. However, Jenny is napping now, so I'm going to go putter a bit with the changing table and then lay down for a while myself. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely spring day!

Oh! And one more thing...I have named our new house! Due to the startling number of grape hyacinth that have come up in our flower beds over the past month (more than I have ever seen, and let me tell you, this otherwise quiet flower is simply stunning in large amounts!!), I have decided to name our new home "Hyacinth House"...I plan on painting our front door a matching purple shade (it's a dreadful gray-blue now) and eventually making a pretty cross stitch for our foyer. I'm absurdly excited by it! So...has anyone else name their homes?


Mamselle Duroc said...

Hyacinth House... what a beautiful name! And I'm so glad that you're naming it. It's such a beautiful tradition, and when I have a house of my own, I intend to give it a name.

Really, a name just contributes to the feel of a home rather than a house. "Marilla's house" sounds so distant and abstract; but "Green Gables" sounds like a place, a home with a history and a tale behind it.

Oh, and a happy birthday to dear Miss Jenny!


Lauren Christine said...

You know mine is Cherry Arbor :)

Hyacinth house sounds lovely... reminds me of Wives and Daughters ;) Hee hee.

I would love a purple door!

Heather said...

Unless you count "ugly Turquoise house" as a name then no my house doesn't have one. Maybe someday when I can choose what color the outside of my house is.

Sommer said...

Sigh....what a lovely, whimsical name! I just love it:-) I only have an apartment...but perhaps when we move I will name it...even if it is only an apartment.

Happy Birthday little Jenny!!!!

Oh and I'm so glad that you are doing well:-)

Lots of love dear friend!

Deborah said...

Hi Tilly!

What a pretty name for your home! We call our place Lavender Rise Acres -- even though it is only on an acre and a half.

I never thought of making a cross-stitch. If it wasn't so late here already. I'd be planning one now.

Praying your final few weeks will go well for you.