Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One Way or Another...

I need to be drinking more water!! In 4 or 5 different flavors, this stuff is the answer to my latest pregnancy-related problem. The water at our new home is very hard, and even with the on-the-faucet filter we have it tastes somewhat "thick"...not something my pregnant taste buds want to put up with!! So I got a little box of each flavor to try while at Wal*Mart (much cheaper than buying it off of the gatoraid site btw)...So far so good! If any of you readers have a hard time with the water-y taste of water, than I highly recommend this! Oh, and the best part (to me)? It doesn't have any "diet" type sweeteners, so no migraines!!

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Sommer said...

Hi Tilly~

Thanks so much for answering that question on Lauren's blog:-) I think I just may try them out and I will look forward to your post!

Of course, I still haven't gotten my "friend" back yet...but it is just a matter of time;-)