Friday, March 07, 2008

My Easter Dress!

Okay, so I did myself (and family!) a favor, and decided that I don't have time to make all the Easter outfits I had taken on. Really, one thing needed to go, so I knocked the longest project off the list, by buying a dress last night. Not only is it cute and springy, but it also *fits* and is fairly modest. Due to me not being a leggy 6' tall model, this comes to just past my knees. :-P You can see it bigger/better here.

I also got this cute little cardigan to make it just a touch more modest for Mass (and it eliminates needing to worry about straps slipping, etc)... In real life it doesn't "u" like that under the buttons's really cute!
And the best part? Shoes of course! The bright rosey color in the shoes is exactly the color of the perfect is that?!!
The nice thing is that if I don't get around to sewing (what with, oh, moving) my other dress, this will be perfect for all four "events" I have over the next month...Easter, Laney's 1st Holy Communion, Louie's Confirmation (I'm her sponsor, so I was extra worried about what to wear!), and the baby Shower Eli and Ducky are throwing me! So even though the outfit came to about $65.00, it comes out to only $16.25 per use...and if you add onto that every Sunday between now and my due date, it gets even better! Thanks for letting me share...I'm off to start sorting through boxes of stuff...I'm hoping to get rid of about half of it, but we'll see! :)


Sommer said...

I love the dress and cardigan! So nice and springy. I'm sure you will look lovely:-)

Mama Manak said...

Beautiful! Wish I was pregnant for Easter...I don't fit in anything right now!

Mimi said...

Oh that is such a pretty dress! I wish we had shoes like that here in the UK, and Target too!

Clare said...

That's going to be such a lovely outfit, Tilly!

Laney receiving First Communion, Louie being confirmed... how exciting! And how I miss you all. Give them all my love!

emme said...

How pretty - just right for spring!