Saturday, February 16, 2008

Zoey Marie!!

On Valentine's day at 2:05, Miss Zoey Marie joined our family! I just had to share a few pictures (Eli, I snagged these from your account... *wink*) She weighed in at 7.9lbs. and was 20" long. Lots of beautiful dark hair (like her sister Lottie there in the first picture) and some of the cutest squeaks I've heard! Prayers for Heather would be good, since it was a very rough delivery, and she has a long recovery ahead of her. They got to come home today though, with so much family in the area, will be well taken care of! I'm going to sort through Jenny's baby clothes and find those tiny little "preemie" sizes, since when I helped get her ready to come home, the NB size just swallowed her up! Based on how well she's nursing though, I'm sure it wont be a problem for long!


Clare said...

What a sweetie! Do pass my congratulations along to the parents, and tell Heather that we'll be praying for her!

Sommer said...

Oh, congratulations to your most blessed family!!!!! I will keep the dear momma in my prayers!

Lots of love,

Sarah Jane Meister said...

What a beautiful baby! She really is beautiful and has such perfect little features whereas so many newborns tend to seem rather squashed, at least for the first few days! lol Congrats to the family!!

Lauren Christine said...

Congratulations!!!! What a blessing!!