Friday, February 01, 2008

Back To Normal...ish...

Well, normal for 25 weeks pregnant anyway! :-P

Yesterday was one of those fun days when all of us girls pile into my mom's 15 passenger van and head south to our favorite Mennonite shops. Heather had her 38 (right Ducky?) week check up, and that's just a few minutes from the stores. I found a few goodies at the Mennonite variety shop that we all love. It's run by two sweet, older sisters and it's so much fun to see what's new since our last visit. This time I found a sweet calico for Jenny's summer dresses, and some cute alphabet flannel for Anthony (blanket?-jammies? oh, the possibilities of fabric!!)...and best of all I got Jenny a to-set-aside birthday gift...a sun bonnet! It's just the sweetest thing, white, with purple violets all over. It is just ridiculously cute, and I can't wait for summer walks to get to see it on her! Then we went onto an indoor "farmers market" for our very favorite pretzals, and while we waited for them to cook, I peeked around the yarn shop. ... ... :-D I got some of this yummy yarn to make my little guy a sweater/hat set for this fall/winter. I tried to find a better picture, but this was the best/biggest one I could find. Isn't it cute? I confess that I especially loved it because it wasn't's somewhat hard to find boy things that aren't baby blue...which is cute of course, but, well, like everything, is best in moderation!

Today I got two pairs of pajama pants made up for Ducky...she's reached a point of not being able to sit in her sewing chair, so her last few projects had to get shuffled. Since I completely understand not wanting to wear pregnancy clothes after you finally have the baby, I told her I'd be happy to make up the pants. And it's a fun reason to try a new pattern! There's one more pair to make, but they should go quickly tomorrow. Then I'm going to finish up the moses basket sheets I'm making and Zoey will have my permission to come whenever she likes. :)

However, I am realizing that I need to get busy with my sewing too, since I'm not especially comfortable on the benches we use at the table. I have everything ready to go for the smallest layette sizes, just need to get sewing! :)

Well, Joe and I are going to curl up with Transformers and some pizza (I can already feel my eczema itching, but it sounds *so* good!), so I'm off for now!


Chari said...

Yeah, been there, done that :)

We miss to read and catch up at your blog. Please tell Heather we are praying for her in CA!

And give your mom a hug for me!

Sommer said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Sounds like a great time with the girls:-) That bonnet sounds precious.

Have a great day, dear friend!

Mrs Lavender said...

Hi. I saw your blog on Sommer's site. Very nice to meet you.

I was raised Catholic but left the church when I met my husband at the age of 19. I have been feeling lately that God is calling me back to the Catholic Church. I'm waiting patiently on God and praying about it.

Have a lovely evening.


Heather said...

Thanks bunches Miss Tilly for my pants and the moses basket is just adorable!!! Because of not being able to do much else besides wait and fold laundry and I decided to oblige and I accepted your tag=) Talk to you soon!


Lauren Christine said...

I had a bonnet growing up that I just loved! It was so much fun to wear with my prarie skirt my momma made me.... :) Yay for Little House on the Prarie!