Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Update

Hello all! Things are going well here, but keeping me busy! :) It has been *so* cold here today and yesterday...I had to put on a coat to work in my pantry, and imagine my surprise when I found frozen olive oil! :) I guess that it is just normal winter weather's been so warm lately that we've become spoiled! I've been spending my time the past few days cleaning up and setting things in order for the baby shower I'm hosting for Heather (my sister in law) this Saturday. She's due right around Valentine's day, so I'm doing a girly pink/Valentine cute! :) The food will be simple...some wonderful chocolate related treats...I'll share recipes and pictures once they're all sister and I are going to bake them all on Friday night, so that I don't have tons of dishes to do "the morning of". :)

The week after Christmas I made my first baby purchase! I found an adorable set of bedding on sale at Target, and decided that it would be well worth it to be able to check those things off of my sewing list. What with moving I'm sure I'll be able to find plenty to do! :D This is the crib set, and I also found these two blankets, an extra sheet, and a set of receiving blankets...all on sale for about 50% off! :) I decided to add a few of the other items to my registry, and I think it will be a cute room for Jenny and the baby! We'll find out if it's a boy or girl later this month, and then I'll choose paint colors and all those things. :) It will be so exciting get to set up a new house! I'm already trying to choose paint colors, and settle on the general "style" of the's so open that I want it to flow well from one room to the next, and there is so much natural lighting that I can use any sort of color I want...which is nice since I tend to lean towards darker/richer/cozier colors. I even have plans for re-doing the hand-me-down living room set we have...I think that a fresh coat of paint and some new fabric will make it look brand new! :) This is what the sofa looks like right now... with a sheet making a simple slip cover...
and this is it without the slip cover...rather worn, and not exactly my style...but not in bad condition...I might add an extra layer of foam to the cushions for a more refreshed feel...then I'm thinking of (though it's very likely to change, lol) painting it all black, and using a cream and red tiole print to cover the cushions...sort of an updated cottage look? :)

So far as sewing goes, I have several pictures I need to get uploaded in the next day or two. I got pictures of most of the Christmas gifts I made, plus a few projects since...including a dress (complete with bloomers and pinafore) for Jenny, and a wonderfully comfy pair of maternity pants for me...

I'm going to scoot now and get some more work done...but I'll try to be better about updating, especially about our upcoming move! ~Which, by the way, is simply waiting on things like an inspection and the final signing... our offer was accepted, and we hope to be signed by the end of the month! :-D

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Lauren Christine said...

How fun to redo a couch!!! I can't wait to see the finished project!