Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Pictures!! (long)

Jenny was at first adamant that her stocking was a hat...
I made this stained glass candle holder while I was at my grandmother's after Thanksgiving. It was my first ever glass project, and not only did I love it, but I love how this turned out!
These are the Elves that Jenny and I made. She did the heads (with surprisingly little guidance from me!), and I did the bodies while she napped.

Two of the ornaments we made...these two were gifts to Jenny's great-grandmother...aren't they cute? :)
For Joe's borther I made this fun little tin...he likes to have his friends over for poker nights, so I thought this would be perfect. It's just a regular Christmas tin, spray painted black with cards glued on the top.
Inside were 6 homemade coasters, two sets of chips, and to packs of clear playing cards...they're really neat!
This is a better shot of the coasters I made...I glued four dominoes together, then backed them with black craft foam. A bit of glitzy red trim around the edge and I think they're pretty cool! :)
For the grandfathers we made special t-shirts (to be added to each Christmas, as more grandchildren appear!) This one is for Joe's dad, he'll get foot prints...
And this is for my dad, he gets hands...
No, Jenny only has 5 fingers... :)
And here's my niece's little hand..isn't it cute? :)

Reading "Twas the night before Christmas"...the night before Christmas! And Jenny's very first hot chocolate!
Hanging her stocking by the tree (next year we'll have to mantels to choose from! :)
Once Jenny went to sleep, Joe and I brought out our gift for her...a kitchen set!
Isn't it just darling? :)

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Sommer said...

What a fun time for you all! I just love the elves and the ornaments! Oh, and that kitchen! I toyed with getting that for my kids..but alas, I did not:-( It is so nice though. Does she have alot of fun with it? Does she have little pretend foods?

Well, I got to!

Lots of love,