Monday, January 21, 2008

New Patterns!!

Thanks to JoAnn's $1.00 sale on Simplicity patterns this past week, I'm now the happy owner of these four patterns! :-D

I confess that this one is mostly for the bathrobe, as I really want to make Jenny one of her very own...she loves to snuggle into mine or Joe's, so I thought it would be perfect! I also really like the slippers and "kimono" style tops though...all around very useful! (#3711)

I can't wait to have this one for right after the baby gets here...maybe even for a "coming home" outfit. Mid-late May in Virginia is already quite warm, so it will be perfect...I really like the set shown on the left side...forgiving, easy to nurse in, and still reasonably pulled together. Perfect for those first few weeks when you can't stand to stay in pj's and maternity clothes are so depressing to wear when you're not pregnant... lol (#3760)

I really liked this one for a nursing dress...I think that with a built in nursing "cami" would make this really wonderful...and very flattering. I love the short sleeved one on the bottom right...and it even comes with different sizes for different cup sizes...which saves so much work! :-D (#2996)

:-D I think this one rather speaks for it's self. I just love the little boys outfit and Jenny still fits easily into the largest size, so.....hehehe, how about those sailor suits?? (#4711)

Not that I need to add one more thing to my list right now, but all of these things are going to be badly needed, and with moving and the actual arrival of Master Anthony, I figured it would be better to get everything I can done well in advance...and I'll be able to do some really good clearing out of my stash with all of this!

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Heather said...

Ooooh! Cute patterns! I may have to borrow tghe post pregnancy pattern soon=)