Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Bit of a Relapse...

Well, after a great deal of running around yesterday to take care of my home from work, sick hubby, I have spent most of the day asleep or wanting to be. :) He seems to be doing better though, which is good as he has to go back in tomorrow. I will be glad to curl up and nap I'm sure, but I do want to try to get some sewing done. I haven't worked on anything since I finished Jenny's bedding, and deadlines coming up fast!-Even for baby clothes, since my goal is to have them finished by April so that I can get Jenny's summer wardrobe done before Mr. Anthony gets here! I have my patterns all traced and ready, and Joe was good enough to re-stock my thread supply the other day, so now I really have no excuse!

Today I did get the kitchen cleaned up, after letting dishes build up for several days...I hate it when that happens, but it seems unavoidable when we're all sick. At least it's done now! One thing that is still driving me crazy though, is that there are those plastic wallmart bags collected everywhere out there...I'm going to use them for packing materials for dishes and such, so I've been hanging onto *all of them*...after seeing how many there are after only two or three weeks, I've decided that as soon as we're in the new house (and done with moving!) I'm going to recycle all of these (you can bring them by the bag load to back to the store, and if there isn't someone to take them, just leave them in an empty cart...better than trash!), and make several new cloth ones. I'm so excited! I think I'll embroider little vegetables and things on them...just for fun. :) I'm thinking something really sturdy and stain friendly like a nice dark denim, but we'll see what I find!

Oh, and for those wondering, the chicken noodle soup turned out really well, despite being the first time I've made it. I just used 1lb. of cooked chicken (I think it was pretty much all thigh and leg meat), three qts. of the organic chicken broth, 3-4 Tablespoons (yes, that's right!) of diced garlic (I buy it already diced!), and once that had come to a boil, I added one package of egg noodles, some sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. Once the noodles cook, it's ready to serve! Joe and Jenny have eaten tons of it since last night, and I think that it has had it's traditional effect of really helping speed up recovery! I feel very domestic! hehe :-)


Lauren Christine said...

Oh, yum. I can't wait to try that recipe! ;) I hope you got all rested up today darling!

Sommer said...

I hope your rest has helped, poor dear! It is so hard for momma to get better.

The chicken soup sounds yummy:-) We had a lovely lady from church bring us some while sick...so tasty!

Do take it easy dear friend!

Oh, and it cracks me up that we are making the same shawl! We must be kindred spirits!

Lots of love,

Lauren Christine said...

I tagged you sweetie pie! :)