Saturday, January 26, 2008

Additions To My Sewing List

Well, this is what happens when you spend a week curled on the sofa with Amelia Peabody, a box of kleenex, and LOTS ( I do mean *LOTS*) of orange juice...

You see, I have my sweetpea gown pattern traced and cut out, and all the fabric is washed and ready to be cut and whipped up into little gowns to be embroidered with cute little vintage animals...but since I couldn't get up, I couldn't do it. So of course, rather then just flying at those projects like a normal person would want to do, I've laid here thinking what else I need to make...and I realized that Joe's birthday is just under two weeks away! Never mind the fact that we could be sleeping in our new house by then (please, please, please!!) and I will be up to my eyeballs in the to long put off task of packing, I just have to get these things done! :-D Pack a box, sew a should probably be pack two (or three) boxes, sew a seam, but well, lets be practical! ;-)

Anyway, I plan on making a selection of items from the following pattern for my sweetie...
Simplicity 9499 (the two colored shirt, with baseball length sleeves)
Simplicity 3707 the double sleeved shirt, and maybe we'll even try the pants (I figure I can always reuse the fabric for Jenny or Anthony if he doesn't like them)
Simplicity 3651 he likes the option with both the hood and the pocket

In addition to this list (with it's deadline of Feb. 8th), I'm also making my sister Ducky some comfy jammie pants for after Zoey gets here (sometime around the same time). I should probably stock up on thread... :-D that my list has reached mammoth proportions, I will probably start on something tonight! I'm using Simplicity 3571 for Ducky's pj's, I can't wait to try this pattern out!

Oh, and for those who don't get the JoAnn's sale flyer, allow me to share a few of the sales that will be going on from Sunday (27th) through Saturday (Feb. 9th).

$1.00 off/yd keepsake calico prints
30% off thermal knits
$8.99/yd anti-pill fleece prints (reg. 12.99/yd)
5 for $10 Sugar'n Cream super size yarn (reg. 2.49 each)--this is 100% cotton yarn, grate for washcloths and baby things!
2 for $8 Patons Classic Wool or Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick & quick yarn (reg. 5.99 each)

I'm hoping to find yarns for baby things, and dish cloths...I recently got this pattern from a sewing board I'm on, so I might look for some baby weight yarn too. :) And for the benefit of my crocheting readers, I just had to share this pattern...wouldn't it be a darling pin cushion?? :-D

We're going to take Jenny to see the new Veggie Tale movie tonight...I think she'll have fun...and it's just so cute to see her sitting there in her pj's (ready for bed the minute we get home!!), trying to keep her chair folded down and munching happily on popcorn. :-)

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Lauren Christine said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your "man sewing". Perhaps it will inspire me to do some more sewing for my man... Tee hee. :)