Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Milestone Reached...

Well, today was the big day! Jenny got her "big girl bed". It's a beautiful toddler bed that my grandfather made for us. It's just like the one that he made for my mom and dad when I was little. (OKAY FINE! Just because I used it first, doesn't make it "Mine!" lol) It's extra special though, because he used wood from his house that was removed when they did their big remodel. The headboard and footboard are made from shelves that used to be in the dugout pantry (?) under the house that was there when they moved can actually see the places where the jars were set! The side pieces are from part of the eves from where they extended the house. Lol, I think those are the right words! :) Anyway, it's very special and just beautiful, and Jenny is sound asleep in it! My sister came over this morning and helped me move her room around to be more of a nursery. We moved the crib to the opposite wall and put her bed in the place she is used to sleeping in. It took just a bit of shuffling of other furniture, but it looks SO GOOD now! There is a sleeping area on one half, with a play space between the two beds, and the other half is where the armoire and dresser are...oh, and the changing table. On the ceiling, over the two beds we hung to little garlands made from colored grass, with little dragon flies on makes it so much more interesting to lay there and look up now! It is SO funny to see her bend w-a-y back to look at them when she's standing up...if she's not careful she'll probably go backwards one of these times. ;-) She was just thrilled when she saw the Anne Geddes calander pictures we hung down low on the walls...she just kept running between them pointing and going "Baby! Baby! Baby! 1-2-3-Baby!" :-D It was so cute!! She went down for her nap without any abnormal amount of fussing and was quite surprised when she woke up and saw where she was. :) Then she got down and wanted to play in her new spot, but kept going back to her bed and pointing where she had been sleeping, like "Look what I did!!"-she is just to much fun!! She went down for bed well too, and so far, so good! I'm going to look for a guard rail, for "just in case". She isn't a climber, and has never tried to climb out of her crib, but I'm worried that she could roll out if she gets busy dreaming. :) I'll try to get pictures tomorrow, once I locate my camera charger. It's not really all I'd hoped to get done today, but we had a productive day over all, and most importantly, it was very very pleasant.

Well, I'm off for the night. OH! I forgot, I made a new discovery today...well, new for us anyway. :) Chicken leg quarters. We can get a 10lb. bag at WalMart for $4.70! Joe got it all baked up and de-bonded earlier and said that even w/o the bones, it's still over 6lbs. of meat! Which makes it by far, the cheapest chicken I can find...I'm really pleased with it, and just thought I'd share!

Have a lovely week!

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Sommer said...

How exciting! Isn't it so neat when they get into a big bed...sigh...Liam will be in one all too soon!

It sounds like it has gone well. I pray you have a lovely week!

Lots of love,