Sunday, October 07, 2007

FABRIC!! part I

Okay, I'm sure this will be less than interesting for some...but for those fellow fabric lovers I hope you enjoy taking a peak into my sewing room. :) This will be a several part post...I thought I'd start tonight with my flannels....most are either for nightgowns/pajamas for Jenny or me, or baby blankets...a few though will probably wind up as dresses for Miss Jenny. I just love sewing with flannels...esp. for Jenny! I have gotten most of these when the snuggle flannel at JoAnn's is on sale for under three dollars, and off of the red tag fabrics. Even if it's an unattractive print, flannel makes wonderful baby wipes, cleaning rags etc....and it can be so inexpensive!! :)

I've already made pajama pants out of these teacups...

these pink pots are cut into a dress for Jenny...

I got this one for $.50 a yard!! :D

I have been watching this embroidered flannel since it first came out...I can't tell you how many times I've picked it up, only to decide I couldn't justify the full price. Imagine my delight when I found over a yard of it on the red tag bolts durring the 50% off red tag fabrics. :) I got it for $1.50/yard!! :D And aren't those turtles just the cutest??

I just can't decide what to do with this one...but I thought it was more masculine than most flannels generally are, so I got some of it for when it's needed....(hmmm....I wonder if maybe this baby will be a boy? :-)


Lauren Christine said...

I've loved this peek into your stash! What lovely fabrics :)

Sommer said...

Oh, I always love looking at fabric! Of course I'm often frustrated when I can't buy it:-(

There are quite a few lovely ones in your stash too...the turtles, oh my goodness! How cute is that!
And I do have to say that last one would look great on a wee boy bairn! I would make Liam a little sleeper or something if I had that one...very boyish!

Well, this was fun...I look forward to looking at your stash again:-)

Hope you are doing well dear friend!

Lots of love,