Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hello all! I know I've been dreadful about updating lately, but things have been busy here! :) I've been trying to settle into a slightly adjusted routine (one that includes an aversion to mornings...), keep up with my busier than every baby, attempt to get the house back to were it should be (hmmm, to FLYLady, or not to FLYLady?) and this past weekend has been busier than ever because I was helping my mom to re-do their living room. :D We had a blast and in just the two days we worked on it, it is 98% done. When I left this afternoon it only needed a second coat on the pocket doors, and to then push the rest of the furniture into place and then of course there will be a few days spent re-organizing books. It looks fantastic! :) I'll try to get some pictures of it up once it's all done. Sometime this week we're going to go pick out curtain fabric (and maybe some for new throw pillows)...I think it will really look wonderful. :) My mom's really happy since they've always sort of had to move in quickly and work with what was there (cracks/holes in the walls that needed to be covered etc.)...and with so many people constantly "loving" the space, things just get worn out faster. I think this was just the face lift the room needed. :) We're going to slowly spread the colors through the rest of the main floor I we've got lots more fun weekends ahead of us! :)

Off for a move night with Joe...(who vacuumed for me while I was gone!)

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Sommer said...

It is always good to hear how you are! You sound are you feeling?

Talk to you again soon my friend!

Lots of love,