Friday, September 14, 2007

A girly day

Today was a blast. Ducky and I took the girls (who were dressed almost identically lol) out for a day of shopping and browsing. We went to JoAnn's big sale and I got some pretty pink yarn that was on sale to make Jenny a hat and scarf...maybe even some mittens! I also got some ribbon...well, you see, for Halloween I'm going to dress Jenny up like a lion. :) Last winter I made a yellow fleece footie-pajama suit that still fits her. :) So I'm going to take the scraps and make a helmet type of hat, then I'm going to sew on LOTS of loops of three different shades of ribbon (gold, light orange and a light tan) for the mane. :) A little face paint and she'll love running around yelling "RAR". hehe We also browsed the Maternity/baby/kids sale at OldNavy and got some neat ideas for maternity clothes. We also walked around the mall a bit, which was fun. :)

Right now I'm watching Sense and Sensibility and cutting out Jenny's little dresses and jumpers for her fall/winter wardrobe. So far I have it all planned (no small feat), two jumpers cut out, and the next pattern is traced, cut out, and next I'll start cutting the fabric. Heather (the afore mentioned "Ducky") is coming over in the morning and we're going to get as much sewing done as the girlies will allow. Hopefully that will be allot! At the very least, we can probably get everything cut out and then we can work on things this week. We did run into one small hitch though...when we got the fabrics we figured we would get the zippers the next time (budgets!!)...but well shall we say we forgot? :) So I think we've revised our pattern choices to reduce the number of zippers needed, but we still have a few to pick up in a week or two. Fortunately there is no rush as far as weather's still pretty warm during the day, but thankfully is no longer in the 100s! :)

I'm off to try to get a big more done before I go to bed...I hope to get some pictures up of my fabric finds from the last few months soon...I've got some really cute things planned! :) Including that 10 yards of $1.00/yard flannel.... :-D


Sommer said...

Oh how I wish I had a sewing partner! It would make it soooo much easier..especially when cutting out patterns:-p

I can't wait to see your fabric stash!

Lauren Christine said...

Me too Sommer! :) I'm glad you had such a productive day- I saw that same sale at Old Navy... but I wouldn't let myself browse :) Not yet!