Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is the dress I made Jenny this is from Simplicity pattern #3765, I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it only took 2 hours, including cutting out the pattern!

I just couldn't resist pairing it with these polka dot leggings!

This is her happy face in responce to waking up to a "pretty new dress" ;)

I love how different this bodice was! And I was so happy to skip the "sleeves" step!

The front

The back

This is a close up of the fabric to try to show you the gold threads in it...I hope it works! :)

My pretty new curtains!! :)

I just Loooooove this lace!!

This shows you a bit better the blue and white that I've redone this bathroom in. The sponging still needs some touch-ups, but I like how it looks...esp since I re-painted this vanity! It used to be a dark faux wood sort of thing...I think it looks much fresher this way! Oh, and that hand towel on the wall is one that I wove at my grandmother's house before I got married (hope chest!), and the green doily that the soap dish is on is my first (and so far only completed!) attempt at that branch of crocheting. :) It's so fun to see the fruits of my labors!!


Sommer said...

That dress is darling and Jenny looks so cute!

The bathroom is beautiful. I really like what you've done:-)

Lots of love,

Lauren Christine said...

You've been busy!! Wow!! I love the dress... and the curtains! Everything is beautiful! And I am such a fan of the polka dot leggings :)