Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Busy Rainy Day

Today has been one of those days that makes August in Virginia what it is...nearly 100* in the morning, followed by a thunderstorm and "cooling off" in the afternoon. A perfect Saturday! This past week has been very full. I spent the afternoons of the first half of the week helping my mom weed out, sort and generally re-claim her craft/sewing room. As I'm sure you all know, this can be a draining job, but she's doing a great job and we made HUGE amounts of progress. When we're all done I'll try to get's like having one's own private sewing shop!! :-D The mornings were spent crocheting my father-in-law's birthday gift. I wont say what I'm making...just in case! But I'm almost half way done...never mind the fact that his birthday was on Thursday!! Thursday and Friday were spent almost exclusively crocheting, and re-listening to an Amelia Peabody audiobook...which led of course to extreme tunnel vision, a sore back and cramped hands. (*cough* not that I could possibly know better ;) --) So this morning Joseph suggested I take some time off and work on some other things...

So I did! I scrubbed the bathroom down and even mopped the way my grandmother just showed me... take a swiffer-wand thingy and one of those white "bar towels", get the towel wet with hot water, wring it out, and use the swiffer to push it around the floor. It works really really well, and the only clean up is putting the rag in the laundry! If the floor is esp. dirty you can go over it once with a wet & soapy rag, then again with a clean one. After that was done I pulled out a few sewing projects that just "hit me" this morning. I made a sweet little dress for Jenny, out of a wonderful, funky red print. I'll post pictures of it on her when she's up from her nap! I also made curtains for the I was cleaning the bathroom I noticed how nasty the blinds in there were...they were here when we moved in, and while I knew they were bad, I didn't realize *how* bad they were. I thought about trying to wash them, but didn't want to tackle that I took them down and realized I like it so much more without them! So I searched my stash again and found some really pretty blue and white plaid, and some beautiful wide, flat lace that I've been keeping for something pretty and set to work! I think they look really pretty, and I'll make sure to put pictures up once it's a bit brighter outside...I tried to get some, but since it's still stormy they aren't showing up very well.

I think that this evening we're taking Jenny to the local fair. It's a cute little country fair that just started yesterday. I like to go early into the event so that I can see the flowers that people have entered before they're completely wilted. :) However I think Jenny will really mostly care about the funnel cakes (yummy!!!!) and the animal barns. Our friends/neighbors/landlords/ daughters have their 4-H goats there so we'll have to try to find them for her to see...and she has recently learned to reply to "what do cows say?" --"MOOooo!!", and "what do piggies say?" -- "Oink! Oink!" lol. And it was sooo funny the other day, she saw a picture of a penguin and wanted to know what noise it made...after a bit of thinking back to the zoo last summer, I told her (more or less! lol) and she just looked at me like I was insane. it bad when a 17 month old can make you feel very un-cool? I mean, it's not like I walk around making penguin noises all the time! Oh well, I suppose I should probably get used to her thinking she's smarter, huh? ;)

Oh, and I'm about 5 or 6 posts away from my 100th post...and I think to celebrate in true blogger fashion I'm going to have a give away!! More details to follow...

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Sommer said...

What a busy bee you've been! I hate to say it but I have a hard time finding the time to sew and such...but I just went out and bought a couple of patterns and fabric to make my eldest some dresses:-) So I best get to it!

Oh, and get used to feeling uncool...they sure do get you good sometimes:-) But you know, I more often feel like the best, coolest mom with how my kids act with me. They are the best at un asked for complements!

Okay, I don't know if that made sense...sorry!

Lots of love,