Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Happened To June???

Well, today is the first day of summer, which means that it is June 21st...the 21st!!! How June has flown by so quickly I can't possible imagine, but I suppose it really has and I can only get back up and try to start fresh. :) This month has been thing after another. I could update in minute detail, but that would be dull for all of us. Once I find my camera charger I'm going to get pictures of the upstairs. I finished painting the hallway and got (thank you Eli!) a wall paper boarder up. I also painted bedroom, then office a pretty combination of jade and chocolate milk brown. It looks so pretty! We were really busy one evening moving everything around down our narrow hallway. Somewhere in the process my wrist got rather crunched and today is my first day sans ace bandage. I really think that once things settle down and I can finish decorating the "new" bedroom it will be lovely. :)

Yesterday Olivia and I spent the day clothes shopping. She has shot up this last year so she had nothing at all that still fit her. Due to the stupidity that is this season's clothing styles, we had quite a job. However we have emerged with a handful of basics that not only fit her, but are also modest and flattering. Yay us! :)

Well, I'm having a T.W. party tonight ( I need a big rock 'n' serve for my crock pot left overs!), so I have to scoot and keep cleaning. I'll try to get back into the swing of posting!


Lauren Christine said...

Dinner turned out wonderful! Enough to eat well tonight, and into the fridge for another night. Thanks for the link!
p.s. I think your new bedroom colors sound really pretty! I love that combination.

Sommer said...

I'm glad your wrist is getting better...ow!
I too think the colors sound lovely.
Hope to chat soon!

Lots of love,