Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm Still Looking...

For my camera charger!! :-( Since we moved the bedroom and office/family room around the other week I can't seem to find my camera charger...so tomorrow I'm dedicating my self to cleaning one, if not both of those rooms and doing my absolute best to find it. I want to share pictures of my nicely weeded garden...not as many flowers came up as I had hoped, but really any are exciting...they're about 7" tall now, and one looks like it's getting the beginnings of a bud! I've also been busy sewing for Miss Jenny. I've already made one little outfit out of McCall's 5353 for her, and have another cut out, with two more fabrics washed and ready to go. :) It's so much more fun than shopping for clothes for her...not to mention cheaper for better quality.

Tonight we made dinner for a family who's just recently had a baby...It's also my brother-in-law Stefan's 18th birthday, so we had dinner over at their house...it worked out perfectly since in my one-track-minded-ness of getting the chicken into the crockpot for their dinner, I rather forgot to plan anything for our dinner. Perfect timing!

Off to bed for now...more soon as I find my charger!!


Lauren Christine said...

Oooh! That pattern is too cute :)

Sommer said...

That is going to look so adorable on Jenny! I love it :-) I'm working on a 4th of July outfit for Brenna, but my little man has made it a bit hard to get much done lately...maybe today!

Hope you are well,

Lauren Christine said...

Tilly- that is a fabric wreath! I think I'll do a post on how to make one today :) Thanks for asking!