Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Slow Day

Well, around 2:00a.m. this morning my first migraine started. YUCK! Tylenol and Ibruprofen didn't touch it and the pain level made me "ill"...I've been taking it easy most of the day though so it's not to bad now. Joe brought my home some Coke and that along with the tylenol seems to be helping. I'm not really sure what caused it...my only guess is the Crystal Light I had yesterday. I haven't had any in quite a while and I had two bottles of it yesterday...I often get strange reactions to "diet" drinks, so I'm suspiciously avoiding any more of them. I can't say that the day was all together unpleasant though. I got some more work done on the pajamas I'm making for Jenny. I tried to get some pictures but the lighting is to dark right now so I'll try again tomorrow. I'm sewing them entirely by hand...my first project of its kind. :) I really love how they're turning out. I used Simplicity pattern #9968. I'm making the little top and shorts. I pleated the sleeves instead of gathering them, and I think I'll do the same at the yoke for any future sets I make her, but I had already gathered and stitched it before I thought of this. The fabric I'm using is a white with little rows up purple flowers, with green stems & leaves and little black dots between each. Soooo sweet! I'm hoping to finish the top tomorrow and maybe even start on the shorts. It's certainly slower than using the machine, but it's very nice to sew by hand for my baby. :) And I figure that if I "keep at it", then I will be able to teach her in a few years when she's wanting to start sewing, but isn't ready for the machine yet.

The only other things I did today were folding diapers and rotating laundry. I'm going to have Joe wipe down my clothes line again for me...it seems like whenever I got more than a day between using it that some nasty multi-legged thing takes up residence. Joe's been so sweet the past few days while I've been "down", but hopefuly this headache will clear up and I'll be "back in business." I'm going to take some tylenol now and maybe head down to church for some Adoration before bed.

Thanks for reading!


Mama Manak said...

Wow! Nasty...Headaches are! Yeah, stay away from the Diet drinks...they were horrible for my Dad. He'd get migranes from them and once even got Paralized (sp) and was in bed for 2 months after drinking alot of them! They play nasty tricks with your brain.


heyitseliza said...

hey love <3
get advil liqui-gels for migraines. nothing like it :) takes the edge off ;) love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had such a migraine! I've had some pretty awful headaches that have made me sick, but I can't say whether they were migraines.
I hope you are feeling better today.
How are you enjoying the handsewing project? I love to hand sew..but it is much slower.

Hope you are well,