Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Happy Mother's Day

Really though, it started last night. Around 10:30 I had one of those bizarre impulses to fly around our bedroom cleaning everything. I don't have everything organized, but it is SO MUCH BETTER! :D And Joe got the windows all cleaned out and ready to be flung open in the mornings. :)
This morning when I came back from the bathroom I found an angel of a baby smiling at me from her daddy's lap and holding out a sweet Mother's Day card. :) Then after some snuggling (and many baby shrieks) they tucked me back in and went down to make me an omelet. I've had a very refreshing day of packing up Jenny's to small/out of season clothing and cleaning up her room somewhat, and I've done 4 or 5 loads of laundry. This past week's cold has really slowed me down, so it's felt really good to get caught up. I've been in that just getting buy mode of washing Jenny's diapers ever third day and just keeping up with the dishes. It was so nice today to just keep filling the clothes line with fresh lavender scented clothes. I even got all of Jenny's bedding done. I felt like such a good mommy when I tucked her into clean sheets and even a freshly washed quilt! :) It looks like this week will be great for washing blankets and curtains and letting them air out. Perhaps I'll be able to find time for some clothes line pictures.

There isn't much garden news to report. The heat last week had a harsh effect on my this point I'm trying to see what I can get to "perk up" so that I can tell what needs to be dead headed. However my clematis hasn't died yet, so it has officially lasted longer than I expected. But the REALLY happy news is that at my last count (this afternoon) I had 7 little tiny green leaves poking up out of my flower bed. Yesterday there were only 3, so that's four new ones today! It is one level of excitment when a plant doesn't die when you buy it and plant is another thing altogether though, when seeds so tiny that you drop 2 or 3 in each hole come out of the dirt as tiny little stems with two teeny leaves. It just makes everything "good". :) I'll have lots of time to run over and look at them tomorrow while I mow the yard.

Well I'm off to get some ironing done. Joe brought the board up for me so that I can listen to my audiobook while I iron. :) Amelia P. Emerson, here I come! :D

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heyitseliza said...

you forgot to mention the part where i came over and tattooed jenny :) and ate your soup. xoxo