Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes, I made her wear the hat to Cracker Barrel...because I'm the Mommy and I said so...that's why!! ;)

The Capitol Building...or something similar....I'm not sure if that's its exact name or not...


Look at that pudgy little gnome!!

The governor's mantion

HATS!! That was the first thing on our "to-do" list once we got there :)

I'm to tired to try to re-arrange all of these pictures, but this is the first of three

Jenny was sooo good all weekend. So sweet and smiley!

I really like how this one turned out!
The wall around this was taller than getting this shot was tricky

These were everywhere!! I think it was more fun to walk past them though and doge the...well piles...instead of riding ;)

Is there a cuter picture anywhere out there?? I ask you...
Daddy and the baby...and Gwendolyn

The Magazine (no eli...not that kind)


Sommer said...

Great pics! I'd love to go to Williamsburg some day :-) Your daughter looks so cute...especially in the hat!


eli said...

you mean no 'in touch' for the williamsburgians????