Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another hiking weekend

Well, the guys have big plans this weekend for the C&O hiking, and I don't know about the other ladies, but I have big sewing plans...since that's probably the most productive thing I can do with this cold. :) I have fabric pre-washing now...for more projects than I could get done in a week, but I of course have a rather long list of things to choose from. :) Among them are...
Try making up a pattern that will look something like this skirt with some trial fabric I have
A nightgown for me from this pattern
an apron out of one of my many apron patterns...I haven't quite chosen which one yet :)
a night gown for Jenny from this pattern
I also have fabric for Jenny's crib quilt, a shopping cart cover, and a play quilt that I'm using fat quarters for. Despite all this, my stash is starting to run alarmingly low...I suppose we're going to have to go on the ramen noodle-building-up-the-fabric-stash diet. :)

I'll try to post pictures...I can't seem to find the transfer cable for my camera, (Eli, I wonder if ours use the same one?) I'll have to locate that before I can share pictures of Williamsburg or any of my sewing...St. Anthony, this means you! ;)

Well Jenny's down for bed early tonight...I suppose that's what happens when you take short naps...and Joe's teaching his karate class for his instructor tonight, so I'm going to start cutting out my nightgown. I have a pretty white flannel with little purple flowers all over it. I'm sort of modifying the pattern a bit...I like the rounded neck, but not the ribbon gathering-thing...and I think I'll make it a bit longer instead of adding a ruffle. I plan on continuing my audio book, "The Serpent on the Crown" by Elizabeth Peters....I love her Amelia Peabody adventures. Very fun, and perfect for my love of ancient Egypt. :)


eliza said...

nightgowns...ewwwy. but i love jenny's, and the skirt is cute ;)
we can grab coffee if you want this wknd? call me :*
that camera thing would be worth looking into....
ciao bella
btw, i am busy fri. and sat. it'd have to be a day thing..

eliza said...

oh yes, and where is the nearest subway station?

Sommer said...

Tilly~I like all your project ideas! The nightgowns are lovely and the skirt is neat. I have to wait until I have this bundle of joy before I can make something...I'm not sure what size to make for me;-p
Okay...I love Amelia Peabody books! My Mom got me hooked a few years back and they are just so great! I also love things of ancient Egypt...I have a bookshelf to prove it :-) Wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was a young girl...but then I decided being a wife and mother would be better...I guess I'll just have to go on one of those volunteer digs someday!

Well, off to lessons!