Monday, December 11, 2006

Snow, snow, snow!

Okay, not the real kind, I've spent the day making some of the loveliest paper snow flakes I've ever made. So far I've made 15, which is one short of enough for three in each of my living room windows and four on the back door. So pretty and simple! I love the charm of them. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow...I have to get pictures of our tree anyway, because that's looking rather inviting this year. :)

I finally made it back to Curves today, and that felt pretty good. And Heather and Lottie came by and I helped her find some crochet patterns for hats that she's making for her nieces...we found these: this one and these two.
Here's a picture I got last night of Jenny in her baptism gown.

And this was from right before Thanksgiving...the first time she had juice in her new cup!

1 comment:

eliza said...

what a porker ;)
i wrapped her present tonight!!
love you, see ya when I get back
btw--i was thinking all the girls (eva, maddie, you, roo, me, etc.) should try and get together in jan. before school?