Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Slow day : )

I can't wait for Christmas to pass so that I can load pictures of all the projects I've been working on as gifts! :)

Jenny is doing to so well these days. She has really settled in well with her new crib and I love the naps she takes. We're working out a bit of a schedule now, which is nice for both of us. It's probably a bit more mommy-led than she would have liked, but I suppose she may as well get used to it sooner rather than later. :) She is so close to sitting on her own now, and is getting faster and faster with her crawling...and all to soon she will have mastered the next item on her "to do" list...climbing. She's already trying to pull up onto low shelves and through the bottom of our coffee table...but oh well. We'll survive somehow!

Today has been a calm "lazy" day...and it has felt soo good! I've spent the entire day crocheting and watching "Sense and Sensibility", and Jenny has two long naps and lots of time to kick around a play. A minute ago we just switched on the Christmas lights and she got so excited when I took her out for her to see them. One of the ribbons fell down so I'll have to fix that tomorrow, but other than that, everything has held up to the wind well.

Well, I should go rescue the guitar controller from "Guitar Hero's II" or whatever it's called...I suppose this is what happens when Joe shares it with Jenny lol somehow, she has taken it off of the shelf and has wiggled though the strap and is now busily pressing buttons. :)

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Sommer said...


I wish I felt so handy with the sewing and such. I'd love to make gifts for everyone..but I'm still trying to finish a baby blanket for my wee one due in less than 2 months and a nightgown for my eldest, Fiona(maybe it will still fit :-p).
Your day certainly sounded nice. I love Jane Austen and that particular movie is so nice.
By the way, your daughter looks darling in her little PJ's.