Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Still Here!!

Hello all! I'm sorry I have been so neglectful lately...I get most of my computer time while I feed Jenny and it's rather hard to type anything more than a sentence or two with one hand. :) However, I thought I would take a moment to run over a few of the bigger updates that have happened in the last week or two....or three :) First and most exciting, Jenny has two teeth! She cut them a week ago today within an hour or two of each other. So Cute!! Second is that I have finally finished painting my kitchen and will hopefully get some pictures taken and loaded soon. It is so very pretty and I think it suits the room. And last but certainly not least, I (finally) have my driver's licensce! Yippy!!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to meet Eli for coffee and then Joseph and I are off to Winchester to get Jenny a crib! She is about one good wiggle from out-growing her bassinet (sniff sniff), and I'll feel much better about her having her nap times in the crib. Once she gets used to napping in it (and I find the baby moniter!!) we'll start the transition to nights in it as well. I had really always thought that she would just stay with us, but we have a queen and she takes after her mama in that she likes to sprawl out when she sleeps. :P So it's pretty crowded and since she's so close she smells me and wakes up every 40-60 minutes to nurse...not my idea of a good night's rest!! So I think that this will be for the best and I will have to get over my pre-concieved plans. lol The crib I'm looking at is beautiful. It's a lovely wood, stained dark. The front side drops down which is a must for me (being so toweringly tall...), and the head and foot board are solid which I think looks nicer, but is much harder to find. It also has a drawer underneath it that is the size of the entire matress...that will be lovely for storing the extra bedding in I think. And the best part is that it's 40% off right now, and the differance will be the matress that we're looking at from Target. Two for the price of one is always a good thing. :) I have to finish (er...start) organizing all of her clothes too...she's out growing the 3-6mos. and I have no idea what I have in the next size up. I'm hoping to get all that done this weekend and be able to start working on the quilt I'm going to make for her crib. I have all the fabrics for it, I just have to start cutting out the pieces and sewing them together. I don't think it will be anything to complicated, mostly squares and rectangles of variuse sizes sewn together...a bit "pottery barnesque" I think. :) I'll post pictures when I get it done!!

Well now my short update has become a babbleing post, so I really have to scoot and tuck Miss Jenny in. I hope that this satisfies all your questions for the time being. :)

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sanks for da coffee dis monin my lova
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