Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Pot Roast

Hello! Dinner last night turned out quite well, and I learned a few things to make it better next time. :) Here's the "recipe" such as it is. :)

Mackenzie's Apple Pot Roast
serves 3-4 :)

Pot Roast (the one I used was 2.10 lbs. but if that's not enough for your family than just adjust it as needed)
4 med. potatoes cut into chunks
1 large onion cut into chunks (I like big pieces of onion with roasts)
4 med. apples (I would use a baking apple, like you would for pie...I think a Granny Smith would be perfect)
1 cup apple cidar
cloves (10-20 whole cloves)
salt and pepper to taste

Place a layer of onions and potatoes in bottom of crock pot. Add roast, and remainder of onions and potatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add apples and cloves on top, pour cidar over the top. Cook on high for about 5 or 6 hours, or until your roast is nice and tender and fork slips easily into potatoes.

We had this with a Lazy Man's Apple Pie and apple cidar...I think a slice or two of sharp cheddar cheese would have gone with it very nicely for a bit more flavor and color. :) Enjoy!!


Sommer said...

That sounds really good Tilly!



Dee said...

I do expect leftovers....8-D

eliza said...

hello my luv, lots of really cute pictures to show you when you get here >grin< xoxoxo