Monday, September 04, 2006

In Love With My Clothes Line!

I've been catching up on laundry today and yesterday...finally. :) I'm so grateful for my wonderful clothes line! There are two lines on one side of my wrap around porch (so I don't have to run out if it starts to rain!) and I can fit an entire load of laundry on it. Now, while I'm catching up it doesn't quite dry as quickly as the washer runs, but by using a mix of the dryer and the line I'm making short work of catching up. :) In general once I'm at the point of one or two loads a day it will be perfect. And everything smells so fresh! Even Joe commented that it was nice. :D

I've also been doing my 15 minutes in the bedroom. Joe is watching my timer and keeps reseting it for me. :) So far I've done 45 minutes! I moved the changing table and bassinet so that they're a bit more out of the way, and if I keep working on the clothing that has piled up then it will be mostly open floor, which is so nice! I really want to get it to a point that my morning and evening routine plus short cleaning jobs will be enough to keep it clean so that I don't have to keep taking up my days to work on it. :) It's already so much better though! We've picked out our paint color...a pretty blue called "Trout Stream"...not a pretty name, but a very pretty shade of blue. After that I need to figure out what I'm doing for curtains and lighting...Maybe we can get the ceiling fan taken out and just put a cover over the spot in the ceiling...I prefer lamps for bedrooms anyway. I'm also going to start saving for the mirror that goes with our bedroom set. And after that will be art work...I think there are a few pictures at Leaflet Missal that I like and I want to get one of Jenny blown up and framed for in here too. :) I think that it's coming together nicely over all. :) I LOVE my bedding . The colors in the picture are much more purple than in's actually more like a teal. I'm so glad we hit that particular sale!! Well, my brake time is up so I need to go keep folding and putting away. :)
Hope you all have a great Labor Day!

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eliza said...

hey cutie! loving the blog :) i'll take the aussie hair stuff if you don't want it, btw.
hurray for laundry! :)