Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jenny's "collection"

I *SO* wish I had new batteries for my camera, so I could have taken a picture or video of this...it was super, super cute! Jenny has taken to gathering up "collections" of things in one of the many metal baskets I have. Just lots of little things that she likes, until the basket is full. Then she comes to find me and asks if I would like to see her collection...um, Of Course! She then sets the basket down on the floor, squats next to it, and unloads the items one by one in a circle around her, while naming each item. Here is this morning's list:

A puck (pacifier)
A cup
Music notes
A lego
A crocodile
chugachoo train
soap (not actually soap, lol)
breakfast (from the kitchen set)
a bead
a cat
a phone
a... shape
a clip
another clip
a blue lego


At this point she sees a larger metal basket and sets off to find another collection, leaving her circle of goodies. A minute or so later, Anthony will wander in to ask me something/get a kiss etc. and will spot the circle of wonder, squeal and sit down in the middle and proceed to name everything that he likes. When he's done he very carefully chooses three toys and runs off to play with them. Rinse and repeat! I just love watching those two!!


D said...

Very cute indeed!

You know you can feed this directly into your Facebook page...;-)

Deborah said...

So sweet! And what fun for them too! Isn't wonderful when they are happy with just simple things?!


Anonymous said...

You just have all the fun !
XXX God blesses, Grammy

grammie said...

She's definitely related to Bitty! We used to say Bitty was going to grow up to be a bag lady, she kept all of her favorite things squirreled away in an assortment of bags! She stills like collections!

A Piece of Quiet said...

Genetic source must be your love of naming the characters on the backs of the Little Golden books! <3