Thursday, September 10, 2009


Once more with feeling! It seems like my carefully planned routines and goals somehow got tossed out the window. Or perhaps they had the same fate as my master plan/fall cleaning (although I know it wont all happen!!) list. Carefully written out with my favorite pen, only to be pulled out of my notebook, and I kid you not, stomped on for a good 10 seconds by Anthony. ... ... I'm not superstitious, but I can't help but feel like there was a bit of foreshadowing there. ;) Oh well... I'll just try again...starting fresh all over again. That's just the way it goes with these crazy monkeys, isn't it? I do hope I'm not the only one! We have been making small steps in some areas though...

I have been working on only nursing Anthony at nap time and bed time (and when he wakes up in the night) for about a week now. He is not a fan. I am. I love the idea of extended breastfeeding, and child led weaning, but it's just not happening with this dude. He's big, and while most often sweet and loving, when he's being demanding it gets rough quickly, do to his size and age. You know when you see the cows by the side of the road, and those big-ish calfs walk up to the happily grazing mama cow and start head butting her? You know how she steps around and headbutts them right back, just enough to get them to stop, before inevitably nursing them? That's how I feel right now. Jenny was easy, I was 3 months pregnant with Anthony and we were just both ready to stop at the same time. I offered her a cup once and that was it. Er...not so much with Anthony. We are both trying really hard, and he is throwing fewer fits and is more open to getting a drink instead, but not always. This week I've been trying to carry him in the sling more, so that he doesn't loose the cuddle time (which he still really needs!), and that seems to help some. The problem with that is that means I need a new carrier. I have a mei tai sling, that while I loved while he was a bit smaller, doesn't work well now. He has to be on my back in it (which is fine), but it doesn't hold his big strong self snuggly enough, so he can still pitch a fit and that makes it so hard to stay standing. My shoulders are also a bit on the narrow side, and since you have to wrap it snuggly around your arms ( like a backpack), I only have so long before my arms go numb. Not fun! I have a ring sling (actually, I just took advantage of a sale from a blog I read and got another beautiful one from this etsy shop...I LOVE it, can't wait for a smaller baby to use it for!) but he's not happy in it for long stretches, and it does still only let me use one arm. So after talking to Joe, I've decided to get one of the Ergo carriers that I've heard so many good reviews on. I really like these two colors; so I'll ask Joe which he likes best, and hopefully order it over the weekend! Once I've used it a bit I'll share more here. They make an insert for newborns that just snaps in, so the idea is that you can carry the babies from birth all the way through their toddler years, so we'll see. I like different slings for different ages, but it would be nice to have one on hand that I know will work for any age.

Jenny has really taken to playing "Mama and Baby" lately, and has decided that her baby doll's name is Michelle. She asked me what different names there were (I don't remember her wording, but it was really cute) and after I listed several she chose Michelle. She is normally in some state of caring for "Baby Michelle" and Anthony and I are often told to "Be quiet, the baby's sleeping!"'s pretty cute!

In other family news, Joe's sister Bitty has moved in with us in mid August. She is such a funny girl, we've really been enjoying it. She is taking 21(? 24?) credits at the local community college, so we don't see her much, but we've all adjusted really well. If all goes according to plan, she will be with us for about 18 months, taking classes every semester and then transferring to one of the state 4 year schools for the spring semester of 2011. (My, 2011 is odd to type!)

That's it for now, both "babies" are napping, so I need to go get a few things taken care of. I hope you are all having the same beautiful early fall weather we are!!


Joe Haydu said...

I like the green ergo carrier best. Love you!! xoxoxo

Sarah Jane said...

It is lovely to read a bit to "catch up" on your bloggy happenings. I have missed your posts very much!

Oh my, poor Anthony sounds like he is not ready to give up. :) Malachi is starting to get a bit rough at nursing and he is only 8 months. . .I can only imagine what he'll be like when he's a year or so. David weaned at 5 mos and Judah a 7 due to pregnancies but Malachi is still going strong. He's at the point now where he'll manually grab the nipple, stick it in his mouth and chow down. If he's crawling on the floor and I'm playing with the other boys he sometimes crawls over and sticks his little hand in my shirt to try to grab and eat. . .not very polite of him! :)

That is so adorable about Jenny and her baby! Judah is similar in that he has his "tools" he uses to fix things around the house. He just got a play tool set for his 2 year birthday and he is fixing everything! Now if only they were REAL and he really WAS fixing everything! Little ones are so fun!