Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Time Again!

Flowers for Joe's sister Sarah (her 14th birthday was Wednesday!)
Every so often a sewing board I'm on hosts something called a Week in Feminine Dress (known as WIFD, pronounced "wifdee" lol). I usually participate, but don't always share pictures. I'm going to try again this time though! So, here I am for day one... the top is a new one from Down Est Basics (love them!!), and the skirt is one I've had for 4 years. I need to try to make another before I wear this one out! It is reversable, so you'll probably see it's other side later in the week. As for the rest of the outfit, I got the earrings and the nursing necklace from Etsy, and my sunglasses are my current stand by hair style (head bands are to tight). This is my first try with the timer option on my camera...I think we shall be friends. It did sort of over do-it on the flash though...
This is a better view of the skirt's made up of three tiers on each side, if that makes sense. :)
The flowers were such a lovely orange! Which happens to be my very favorite color for roses.This was my effort to dress up a simple bunch of spray roses from Wal*Mart. I cut down the plastic sleeve you slide them in (to hold in the water drops), then wrapped them in a soft shade of gold tissue paper with a robbins egg blue bow.

The extra challenge this time, for us girls who already wear skirts everyday, is to make sure that we are also being feminine. It is so easy to just grab whatever skirt is near the top, with a big comfy t-shirt and slip and slide our way into frumpiness. Not good. So, I am trying to pay attention and to be just a bit more feminine...still practical of course, but if women used to do it in hoop skirts, then I can surely manage to put some earrings in. ;)

P.S.) For those wondering, these are in the little box! Perfect for "14", don't you think? The blue is about the size of a dime/penny and they're about 2" long. So Sarah. :)


Caroline said...

Yes, Sarah loved the roses and earrings! The earrings are so cute and funky! You're right about taking a little extra effort, but I think in the days of hoop skirts they had live-in domestic help so they actually had time to get it together...let's try that (lol)!

Sarah Jane said...

Oooh, I LOVE your skirt. I know what you mean about just grabbing a skirt and a t shirt and calling it good. Being feminine is my challenge for the week too! You look lovely today! I love the colors you used to dress up the roses. Gold and robins egg blue. . .soooo pretty!