Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Will The Easter Candy Be Gone???

Hello! I hope you all had a nice month! My plans went well over all...and the time away from blogging (without the I should be blogging! guilt) was a really good time to refocus a bit and get a better feel for when and how I will be blogging now that I'm back. But the biggest changes were having so much time to think about how I need to change our daily stuff so that I can get things done...because I am not currently getting anything done and that must change!! I've decided I want a clean, simple, inviting and (creatively!) inspiring home. It's going to take a while, but I think that now that I have a vision I'll be able to start taking the right steps. The first step is going to be a schedule. I'll post a copy when I get it finished. My biggest problem is keeping Anthony busy while I get things done. He either wants to be held and carried or he is getting into EVERYTHING. My goal is to create a space where it is safe and child proofed enough for him to just "go play", but keeping him busy while I get that set up is the catch. :) Here is one thing I think will be fun though, and I thought I'd share it, incase some of you other homemakers might be interested. Monica (The Homespun Heart) and Rebecca (That's What It's All About) are starting a series called "Restoring Order". They will take turns hosting at their blogs, setting a room, space or area at the beginning of the week that they will be restoring order in, and then they will have before and after pictures and a "Mr. Linky" at the end of the week for all those "playing" to share. I think that it might be a fun motivation and help me get started! This week is the boy's/children's room which is really perfect for me right now. Jenny's room is pretty consistently clean and tidy, but Anthony's room has been the "holding room" for all of my clothing sorting projects for the entire family, + all of our baby clothes. Yikes!! No wonder he wont sleep in there! So I'm hoping to get in there and finish sorting, move the bins to the garage and then (finally!) finish decorating that space. I'll even take before pictures for you! :-S

Easter was a busy, but fun day for us, with brunches at both families' homes, a little living room based egg hunt, and my sweet Jenny turned 3 !!!! And my goodness is three different than two already! The biggest change being the getting up at night. ahem. She woke me up yesterday be starring at me! SO CREEPY! She has never gotten up before. The occasional run to the bookshelf in her room to get a book or two, but never actually leaving her room. I had Joe put a gate up at the end of the hallway so that she can only come to our room. And she did! Last night she came in at 3:30 and declared she had had a bad dream and wanted to cuddle. Somehow we all squished into our queen sized bed (Anthony sleeps with us) for about half an hour before Joe brought her back to her own bed. Then after Joe left for work, Jenny came back in at about 5:30 and climbed onto his side. The amazing part was she actually went back to sleep! Jenny doesn't sleep anywhere but her bed...ever! And that's twice in the same night she crawled into our bed and slept! We have begun pricing bigger beds. :)

There is lots of laundry to be processed and items to be sewn (LOTS of those!), babies to be cleaned and fed, and oh yes, a house in need of cleaning and organizing. :) I will leave you with this lovely picture...check back for more as I find time to get them uploaded...I have beach pictures, birthday party pictures and just general daily pictures to share!This is my only current method of containing him AND keeping him happy! :)


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!!

"Clean, simple, inviting and (creatively!) inspiring" sounds like my dream home. Please do post your schedules and whatnot so I can be inspired! ;)

Eliza said...

Oh My, Dearest One!! I have missed your blog terribly. Soooo happy to see you back!!


Peggy said...

What a happy, laid-back baby!

Keri said...

Yeah! I definitely missed your blog presence! Anthony is S.O. C.U.T.E ! Have fun with the adjustments.