Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers, Chocolates, Promises You Don't Intend To Keep...

One of the best quotes from "Beauty and The Beast", which is my very favorite Disney movie. It seems to apply to the thoughts scurrying around in my head right now. You see, my last post was my 300th post. Wow. That seems like a good time to re-vamp my blogging (three posts in three days!! Is that a record for me?) and a giveaway seems to be in order. This is where the "promises I don't intend to keep" comes in. Regular readers of my blog might remember that I've tried giveaways before, but never quite followed through. Sure there's always some good excuse about daily life taking over, but it's not very fair to you, my lovely readers, now is it? So...this time it will be a bit different. At some point, after I find the time to plan and pull it together, I will be hosting a giveaway, in honor of my 300th post, Spring time, and in thanks to all of you lovely readers. I *hope* to be able to post details and pictures by the end of the month. So, if you have any faith left in my ability to actually complete a giveaway on this blog, please keep your eyes out over the next few weeks. (Note: commenting on this post does not sign you up for the upcoming giveaway, details about signing up will be posted at a later date.)

On to other things...

I thought I might share a bit of my current Sewing List with you, so that you can have some idea of things you will be seeing in the near future. Joe has promised me sewing time on Saturday morning, so I'm hoping to sneak in little bits of cutting and pinning today and tomorrow so that my actual sit down and sew time will be maximized. :) So, without further ado...

4 or 5 t-shirt dresses for Jenny-she needs these badly with the warmer weather, combined with our on-going effort to reduce/eliminate the wearing of pants by us ladies
4 to 6 skirts for me
4 to 6 blouses for me
4 or 5 pairs of play pants for Anthony
3 church shirts, and 2 church pants for Anthony
curtains for the living room (I'd love to do a quick and easy throw "quilt" too, with the rest of the fabric!)
curtains for Anthony's room
Ducky's birthday gift :-D
and then when I recover from that, I am very, very badly in need of a few aprons. I have on that mostly covers my top, but only one apron makes it very hard to stay clean...which leads to not really putting effort into getting dressed, and that leads to a notable decrease in productivity...and that is very bad! So, aprons are a "must have" item on my list!! Thankfully I think I have almost all of the fabric I will be needing, and most of the notions. Ducky has offered me the use of her fancy machine for all of the button holes, so that most-dreaded step should go quickly and neatly. I really just need to get busy! :)

Yesterday was a reasonably productive day...I had two good bursts. :) I made up a batch of oh-so-yummy granola. It's more like muesli actually, but we have always called granola. I will be posting the recipe soon! Then I got to go over to my Mama's house for a play date...and the kids had fun too. ;) When we got home I had a sudden attack of "MUST CLEAN", and proceeded to gut my desk. It has been my "go put it...." place for months and I just snapped! It was wonderful. I tossed things willy nilly, filling an entire trash bag with out of date mail, magazines, catalogs, junk bits etc. Glorious! I now am faced with finding homes for and delivering all of the odd things that had been so carefully "tucked" and "stuck" on my desk...or else Tony will eat them. And while it would make things easier to toss, I don't think that's the best option. :) Speaking of the little man, he's asking ever so loudly to nurse, so I must wrap this up.


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