Monday, January 19, 2009

This post should have some wonderfully artsy photos....

but it doesn't. :( And to make it worse, I'm typing with one hand... but I wanted to share what I'm doing while not taking artsy pictures for interesting posts...
  • cleaning
  • organizing
  • filling bags with stuff for goodwill
  • lovin' on my teething baby
  • catching up on laundry
  • (finally) unpacking and organizing my sewing room
  • knitting my first sock!!!
  • planning my projects for the next few months, knitting, sewing etc.
  • having "good days" full of reading with my sweet girl
  • integrating 4 kitties into our home!
  • enjoying my hair
  • having tea with my hubby
  • sleeping like a baby on my flannel sheet covered feather bed :-D
Three favorite sights from my day:
Joe wearing Tony on his back...Tony's favorite place to nap!
Our first countable snow of the bad it already melted!
Jenny running around in her "Daddy dressed me-s" of grey floral tights and navy blue t-shirt ;) tomorrow will be "the return of the pig tails"!

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