Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Jenny has a new job. Pushing "play" on the cd player whenever Michael Buble's Christmas cd stops. :) We've been playing it over and over all day...Jenny's started singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!". She has also learned a new "rule" if you will.... namely, never, never, never touch the house alarm control. You see, we conveniently have one for our key chain...well....long story short, it takes the nice police men 5 minutes to get from whereever they are (around here it probably has to do with doughnuts) to my house. Another 1.5 minutes to NOT express amusement that I'm in my pj's at 6:00, and to confirm that all was well, get my name and phone number etc... and then another 2 minutes to walk around my house to make sure. On the one hand...very reasuring that they can be here this fast...but at the same time....well let's just say I was mortified. My house is well....not exactly ship shape, and we all have colds. Sigh...oh well. At least it was a "false alarm".

In other news, I am close to being done with Christmas gifts. We've kept things simple this year, and pretty much all of it is homemade. I got Joe's gift done today! I haven't even taken pictures yet, just incase he uses the camera. ;) So, naturally I wont say what it is here either...but it turned out SO GOOD! Well enough to even use poor gramar. ;-) And I will share the same hint that I shared with him (because Tony needed me before I could finish cleaning up!)--Acrylic paint. I have four more things to sew, but they're all cut out and ready to go....an hour or two tomorrow at most.

We're going to Mass tomorrow night...is the plan. But the babies and I have a nasty cold, so there is a chance that either Joe or I will take Jenny to the 5:00pm, and then the other one will get the treat of going to the Midnight Mass. Which is my favorite, but I imagine that Tony will need me. I can't wait to get the babies all spiffed up for pictures! Then on Christmas we go to my familys' for brunch, and after naps onto the Haydus' for dinner. Fun! I'm off to share some pictures...'cause I feel like it and haven't in a while. :) Merry Christmas everyone!