Friday, December 26, 2008


hmmmm.... so, I'm about to update my template, and in so doing...well, I lost my links. So, I guess they needed an update anyway, but I hadn't planned on redoing ALL of them. :-S Anyway... here are pictures! Pay close attention to the background and you can see a bit of my painted living room! :) More pictures to come soon of that...Joe's making shelves for the little ones' toys, and once those go in we can get all neat and organized!

Here's what I did for Joe... I don't paint often, but I'm thinking I might have to more often...I don't know that I'm particularly good at it, but it sure was fun! If anyone cares, I will elaborate on how I did the shaded sky and grass... but other wise I'll spare you. ;)
The two doves represent us...
and then the toadstools represent, well, the toadstools. ;) I will add more of them as needed. :-D And the heart "carved" into the tree has a J+M in the center, but it's hard to see that from the glare...

Jenny found her stocking sitting carefully in this lovely little stroller. It's not a "forever toy", but she will love it while it lasts!
my adorably fat Little Man's first Christmas!!! He was very annoyed that we kept taking the paper away from him...
He has since become more interested in the tumbler...but at the time he didn't even notice it! Silly baby...doesn't know a Nova toy when he sees one! lolplaying with Christmas goodies! Anthony got a little wooden spoon in his stocking (to go with his new dishes!) And you've already met the stroller. about that paint color? And my wreath! :)
um, fairly self explanatory :) My grandmother makes mom's collection fills an entire book shelf! :) (and that's my fireplace...doesn't the color look like melted chocolate? It's called bon-bon lol)
My mother-in-law asked for a tea cozy for Christmas...something sort of ivy related to go with her teapot. I was more than happy to oblige! I just "wung it", and really like how it turned out. I did line it, but I didn't put anything between the layers. I think it will keep the tea plenty hot, but I think next time I might add a layer of flannel, just for the "feel" of it.
a close up of the trim...I put two pieces of lace back-to-back, and then put the skinny trim down the middle. You can see it better if you click on the picture (all pictures are clickable btw)
*ahem* meet "Bea"... I'm not sure that the name will stick, but that's what I was calling her while I was making her. :) I pulled my (2yro.) sister Zelie's name in our family gift she got this lovey. They look very much alike I think...which is why I went with Jenny calls her "Zelie-Bea". Isn't she darling? I used one of the Magic Cabin waldorf doll kits.
Her dress is actually more like a robe...but it was very late, and I was to tired to read the instructions for making the I took the pieces and just made a garment. All those years of sewing came in handy! I did promise to make her more (lovelier) outfits.
My (7yro.) bil Thomas's pj pants...
My bil (7yro yep-twins) Mathew's pj's
My bil (6-actually his birthday was on the 20th, but I didn't get them done in time...) John's pj's
I put little ribbon loops in the back so that they can tell front from back. :)
Mama and her babies! (This also counts as a picture of my new dress on me and my new hair color!) Please also make note of Anthony's SHOES! Yes, I finally found a pair that fits his cubes, er I mean feet. He's 7 months old tomorrow and they are SIZE 5!! Jenny didn't wear 5's until this summer! :-O
only the cutest two Christmas babies ever! He's so big (and she's so tiny) that they almost could be twins, huh? lol sigh....I'm so blessed!We girlies just love Miss Jenny's dress...I found it at Once Upon a's red velvet...she kept running her hands on the skirt all through Mass!Daddy and the littles... :) Okay, I tried not to mention the obvious, but how ridiculously cute is Anthony's Christmas outfit?! I love the sweater vest. :)

That's all for now...I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Christmas season! Joe is home until the Monday after New Years, and we're planning a huge de-clutter and organizing!
Much love,


Sommer said...

Tilly~You all look so happy and lovely! What a sweet family you have:-)

I can't believe Anthony has size 5 shoes! Liam is just growing out of his size 6's and he will be 2 in February! Wow! He is a doll Tilly, just cute as a bug.

Hope you enjoy the time with your hubby!

Lots of love,

Caroline said...

What lovely gifts!

I have made two Magic Cabin dolls. They are so much fun and yours is just beautiful!

(finduilas on the S&S forum)

Sarah Jane said...

Everything is so lovely, Tilly! Your painting is beautiful, and I love the symbolism in it. May you have many toadstools to add in the coming years. :)

Anthony sure looks like he enjoyed his first Christmas! My babies liked their paper and boxes better than their toys as well! lol

And, I love the picture of you with your little ones! Your new dress looks GREAT on you! What kind of coloring do you use for your hair? I'm thinking of trying some after the baby gets here since I've never done that before and think it would be fun to try. :)

Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

I love your dress, Tilly, and your new hair colour, and your darling little ones and their outfits! Merry Christmas, dear! God bless!

Maddie said...

Well I do enjoy the hair.
Interestingly enough, I also hit the dye recently. I had to get rid of my blond streak because the humidity here made that streak freak out and nothing else. So I had kind of a halo thing going on and not in a good way.

Anyway, heard Christmas at the Haydu house was a blast and that Jenny loves me more than she will ever love my mother.

Do I find this satisfying?
But you wouldn't hear that from me.

Sorry to have missed it and I'm glad that your family is all cute and happy.

Love and see you in quite a relatively short time.

Jenny P. said...

I love all your Christmas projects! The dolly is absolutely precious. I think a robe-dress is probably the best thing because if you ever have a chance to make more, it's easier for little hands to change.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog from Sense and Sensibility. I'll be back for sure!