Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yarn, Snow and Babies

Remember the sweater I mentioned in this post? Well, while I have been slacking on making any progress (read, haven't touched it in a month...I need to hurry up or he'll out grow it!), I did manage to finish the back panel...or is it the front? I'll have to check...it doesn't matter though, since they're pretty much identical until I join them and do the collar. :) It's sooooo soft. I'm stupid proud of it. :-D Weird picture I know, but it's the best one I got at the time...

And I've been completely silent about another knitting project of mine...last month my mom and I made a trip to the yarn shop...she had never been. ... .... they have yarn with real sterling silver in it. It's beautiful. I've lost track...oh yes, projects. ;-) Well, as you can see from the (below) picture, you can see that we pretty much cleaned out the sale bins. I scored this yummy yarn out of the 75% and 50% off bins. Well, except for that one skein of soft pink yarn...that I shelled out full price for. (gulp) It's French yarn...what was I supposed to do? Put it back on the shelf? See? You would have done it too. :) Anyway, I saw the orangey/watermellon and green yarns in the sale basket and the just screamed "Jenny" too me. So, following my mom's advice, I got them all. Better safe than sorry...and I got $9.00 yarn for about $2.00 each! And that's the pattern I'm using, tucked in the back. Technically it's a boy's sweater, but in such fun colors you can't really tell. The pattern is worked neck-down so I started off the neck band in the pinkyorange color. Then the "yoke" part is in the green, and the pinkyorange starts up again right below the arm holes. I have a few more inches of the body and then the sleeves and it will be done! She measures around for the 18-24mos. and since I wanted her to wear it right away, that's what I made. I'm starting to have my doubts though, and am wondering how long it will fit her. :) At least I'll have plenty of yarn to make her another as soon as she out grows this one! I'll try to get pictures soon, but my camera is having a fit...so I'm afraid you'll have to use your imagination this time.

In other news, Anthony is very nearly crawling, but that is a technicality...he get where ever he wants to go. And he very nearly has his first tooth cut. My days are a wee bit crazy, lol. Oh, and I hurt my foot stepping over a gate. Well, actually it was when I kicked the paint can, while stepping over the gate...big bruise, big ouch...I'm hoping it will be better tomorrow. OH! And we got our first taste of snow today! Nothing stuck (but it sure was cold enough!!), but it did blow and swirl around for quite a while. I love snow. :) Sorry this has been so rushed...I'm noticing that the condensed version of me is well...unique. If I were reading this, I would assume that the person writing was downing masive amounts of caffiene. I wish! :) Anthony has chased my key board across the bed now, so I have to go...or fall off. Ciao!

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Sommer said...

You sound as crazy, hectic as me;-) Life with kids does that doesn't it?

Loving the yarn! That pink stuff is scrumptious..yum! I tend to get crazy with fabric...but yarn will do it too:-p

Glad you got some snow and I hope you are having a lovely day!

Lots of love,