Friday, September 19, 2008

Stairs and Shoes...

Last Thursday my poor Jenny fell down the last two steps at Heather's house and caught herself with...her nose. :( Seeing her fall and lat flat on her face, with only a lightly bruised forehead and skinned nose to show for it, was enough to make anyone believe in guardian angels! I was expecting split lips, loose teethe...the works as they say. And while this has been more than enough to teach her to hold my hand, I'm so relieved this is all that happened!

And she has discovered my shoes. :-P
It's already so much better...amazing how fast this age heals!!

I think the leggings make the outfit... ;)
Proof that high heels make your rear stick out, lol she was "cooking" :)


Heather said...

So cute she is! Gotta pick the fancy shoes to make the day better=) So glad that she is healing well and that it wasn't worse. "Jenny boo boo ow nose"--Charlotte, every time we go outside now! So at least they learn...

Sommer said...

Oh, poor little lady! Praise God it wasn't worse. I'm amazed how my children manage to come close to an emergency moment, but somehow miss it.

And of course, a new pair of shoes would perk up any girl:-)

Lots of love,