Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My poor baby has been teething lately...enough drool to drown an ant hive, and the last two days he's been so crabby. I was a little slow to realize it had reached the point of discomfort, but after two days and nights of him not nursing for more than a second or two...lots of get the idea. Well, while getting diapers for Jenny-loo tonight it hit me. And I grabbed the Hyland's teething tablets! He's now getting his first good nap in two days... The poor Honey. :)

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Sommer said...

Dearest Tilly~I do so hope that little Anthony is feeling better. Liam is still getting teeth and boy can it be hard on them(not to mention us). Praying he sleeps better.

I received your sweet letter...thank you ever so much! That brightened my day so:-) I will be sending one of to you very soon dear friend!

Lots of love,