Saturday, July 05, 2008


For the 4th I made matching t-shirt dresses for the three little girls. My mom found cute 4th-inspired t-shirts on sale in the boys department and she had coordinating red, white, and blue star fabric in her stash. They were so cute running around and playing together!-I'll see if anyone got a picture of the three of them...or at least a full length shot! I also squeaked out the time to make Miss Zoey a dress. It turned out so cute and fit perfectly! :)
Jenny giving Zoey "lovins" her way of showing affection. :)
Here's a good shot of Zoey's dress. I really like the four little pleats at the neckline and that bias band at the bottom! Isn't she too cute?? (and that's my new wrap skirt there by her foot! you can see a bit of it in the other picture too. )

We all went over to my mom and dad's about 4:00 for our family party. Joe had been slow roasting spare ribs all day and I made 3 of my butterfinger pies (they ate two of them!). Heather brought some of her amazing snikerdoodle cookies-fresh from the oven!! :-D My mom made a new coconut cake recipe that was just outstanding...she even did the berry flag on top! Somehow all 18 (counting babies!) of us squished in around their dining room table and had a nice family meal. After that it we all just hung out and visited until about 10:00!! My mom found a funny idea in the Family Fun magazine that we soak as many t-shirts as there are men (and boys!) in water, then fold them up and freeze them solid. Then each guy gets a frozen shirt, and the point of the game is to see "Who's Hottest"....the first person to get the shirt on wins bragging rights as hottest male for the next year. :) heehee, it was so funny! Even 5yro. Max played! My dad won this year... Next year will be even more fun with three 3 year olds and two 1 year olds!! There's even talk of a carnival theme...with all sorts of games and activities. :) I think we had the best fourth TV or alcohol in site!


Lauren Christine said...

I want more pictures! :) The dress is SO cute!!

Deborah said...

Lol! It sounds like you had lots of fun and great food!

Zoey's dress is adorable! So patriotic at such a young age! :o)