Friday, June 13, 2008

Colds in June...

Yep. Somehow, I have a cold. I who haven't gone anywhere in three weeks seem to have a rather unpleasant cough/cold. So far I'm the only one though, so that's a blessing.

Today was our second help-free day at home. I got two loads of laundry folded and changed Jenny's sheets. Since Anthony seems to think that everyday is a frequency day (20 minutes between feedings being a long stretch!!) that was pretty much all of my "free" time. I'm hoping that he'll be happy for Joe, and in his swing some this evening , so that I can work on a skirt. I got a really summer-y raspberry pink and green plaid that I'm just itching to be able to wear, but so far I've only gotten the fabric pre-washed! It's just going to be a simple a-line elastic waist skirt with a ruffle at the bottom, so it should go quickly. I'm thinking pockets might be a good idea too...

Most exciting though, is that today is my 3rd anniversary! :-) I'll try to scan a picture or two later, but it might be a "sometime this week" thing. I just unpacked our wedding album yesterday so it's perfect timing! I have all sorts of ideas for sweet, meaningful posts for today, but thanks to this cold I can't get any further than the idea, so they too will have to wait. :)

That's pretty much it for right now...Joe's holding the baby for me so I'm going to see if I can start cutting my skirt out. I might try to post more later if Anthony will let me!


Sarah Jane Meister said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!! We'll be having our 3rd anniversary this September. . .the years have gone by so fast! Hope have a blessed evening and that you are able to get some work on your skirt done (sounds really cute!)

Mamselle Duroc said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Yes, do, do try to post pictures at some point. Believe it or not, I haven't actually seen any of your wedding pictures yet! I have a lot of images filed away in my memory (particularly the rainstorm!), but I would just love to see pictures.


Lauren Christine said...

Oh, do post pictures :) :) :)


I hope you're feeling better soon.

Sommer said...

Happy Anniversary Tilly!!!!! I know...a day late..sorry! I hope you had a wonderful day and night. May you have many more blessed years to come!

Lots of love,

P.S. I, too, would love to see wedding pics:-) And, did you get your skirt started?

Deborah said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you're feeling better soon. Summer colds are dreadful!!


PS.If you think the clutter after three years is bad, wait until you hit fifteen! :-) Clutter cutting is what I am hoping to do as soon as I finish my cuppa tea.