Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Lovely Mother's Day

Today has been a lovely, stormy day. I was to out of it with my allergies to make it to Mass, but Joe did take Jenny. We're trying to be more consistent with getting her there each Sunday (instead of trading off at different Mass times), and she's just about to the point of getting through the entire thing without needing to go to the back.

In baby news, it seems that Mr. Anthony has (finally) dropped. He was getting lower on Friday, but by Saturday the bump had noticeably dropped...and it looks even lower tonight! They say that
with non-first pregnancies that the baby drops shortly before labor maybe soon!! :)

My Mother's Day has been lovely. It really started yesterday morning with a girly outing with Ducky (Heather) and Miss Zoey. Zoey couldn't have been any more splendid...she fell asleep before our breakfast got to the table, and stayed asleep until half way through lunch...about 3 hours! We went to a cute little country diner for breakfast and I enjoyed their blueberry pancakes...but next time I go I'm going to try the french toast that Ducky got! After that we went to visit the newly relocated and expanded yarn shop. It is *so much fun* to wander through the place feeling all the yarns. It always amazes me...the basic stuff comes from just a handful of animals, but there are so very many different yarns...I like the alpaca/silk feels like a cloud! I found some 70% cotton/ 30% rayon yarn that was on sale for $2.00/skien...I got two in a lovely yellow, and one in white. I'm already nearly finished with a soft star toy for Anthony. I'm basing it on a knitting pattern, but I "tweaked" it for crochet. I'll be sure to share pictures when it's finished! After the yarn shop we visited a new consignment shop that has opened up on Main Street. Ducky found jeans for Miss Lottie to grow into and I found an adorable pair that will fit Anthony this winter...hard to think of him that big, but I know I'll be glad to have them. I will definitely put that store on my list of places to keep an eye on! And as I declutter our things I may even see about selling some things there...50% of the price they sell the item for! We wandered through another favorite shop, "The Three French Hens". That store has changed allot over the years, but it is always fun to peak. We finished up the day with going to the new Ft. Valley Nursery (it used to be in the end of a tiny building, but now has a very pretty new garden center just outside of town). There is even a "garden cafe" in it, which is where we had lunch. Shortly after our food came, Zoey woke up and got busy smiling enough to make up for the time she was asleep. ;) She is so outrageously cute! (Pictures at the link for Heather's blog!)

Joey and Jenny surprised me with a pretty new stained-glass barrette, and (the best of all mother's day gifts!!) a new apron. It is a pretty blue with pink and yellow flowers printed on it. I told Joe that so long as he has a say in mother's day, I would be perfectly happy to get a new apron each year! Wouldn't that just be lovely? Think of the possibilities!

This afternoon we went up to visit with Joe's family. His mom's birthday was Friday, his youngest sister's is on Tuesday, plus Mother's Day and a special Pentecost dinner. She made a 12 fruit salad (for the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit), (insert word I can't remember here...) game hens for the dove (symbol of Holy Spirit) and a neat cake; 2 angel food cakes for the two angels present when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and Mary, with a lovely lemon icing (hehe, I don't think there is any symbolism there! but it was *so* yummy), decorated with "tongues of fire" made from smushed was very fun!

I had allot of fun making her birthday/mother's day gift this year. I found a pretty apron at Target that I used as the base of my gift. The colors were a pretty light brown and robins-egg-blue. I crocheted her two new washcloths in those colors, and made her two pot holders. I haven't made pot holders before, so it was a learning thing...I'll probably make her another set now that I know what I'm doing...more than with that set at least! I'll be making some more for my kitchen at some point here, so I'll share details then...once I get the bugs worked out! :)

Well, I'm off to eat a late dinner and try to get some cleaning done...between nesting fits and hormones (extra testosterone thanks to baby being a boy!), it's rather amazing that Joe is still willing to let me be in the same house as any and all other human beings... I must say that I really wasn't expecting how different the hormones would be with a boy! It results in, instead of teary, irrationality that comes with a girl (estrogen...much like PMS); with Incredible Hulk like fits of temper over the tiniest little things...I suppose it is to give me some sympathy for when he gets older...I only hope I can still remember!

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Sommer said...


Your Mother's Day sounds lovley! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

It must be so very exciting getting so close to having your wee man! Praying for you my dear friend!

Lots of love,