Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Dangers of Punctuation...

I'm choosing to blame this whole thing on Abeka....the grammar in particular... I can't help it... I'm a grammar freak. I don't especially enjoy it, but I can't help but properly punctuate things sometimes... so naturally, my brain heard me say that I was thinking about going on a "fabric fast" (meaning not buying anything new, except for things specifically needed to round out a current project)...and it took the phrase as "Fabric!!-Fast!!". :-) hehehe, guess where this is going??

I wandered into JoAnn's at first just to peak at the buttons and get my mom's mail flier scanned...and I ended up walking out with tons of 50% off buttons, a handful of Simplicity patterns, and some pretty fabrics. :) I got 4 yards of a really fun pink and green plaid to make a tiered summer skirt, some of the cutest little Debbie Mumm animal print for the little guy, and some really pretty-but-impossible-to-describe calico for another skirt...not sure which style yet though. Very exciting stuff! :) These are the patterns I got...

9968- I have this one already, but I've lost some of the more important pieces, so I got it again while it was on sale for $1.00...
4747- I thought this would be wonderful fun for gifts with all of the girls in my families!
4243- Because...well, just look at it! :-)
3789- I think this blouse will be a great pattern to have...the princess seams will be easy for me to alter.
3582- I love the re-inforced knees on this one...I tried to find something like this when Jenny was crawling, but couldn't...I'm really excited about this! :)
3555- Because every baby needs hats! :)
2945- How cute are these little toys?? I really like the elephant and puppy!

I can't wait to get started!! My current waiting-on-baby project is my first ever "filet" crochet project...and my first project with crochet thread. I really hated getting it started since it was so tiny (and I had to start with 222 chain stitches!). But now that I'm a few rows into it I'm really liking it! It's a pretty floral panel, about 12" x 20"...I'll share pictures once it looks like something.

The baby update is that I'm going to be induced first thing Tuesday morning, assuming I don't go into labor before that. I'll go in Monday night around 5:00 to talk over details and plans and get some basic stuff started, then I'll get (in theory!) a good night's sleep and then they'll start the pitocen around 6:00. I'm still praying that I'll go on my own before that, but I'm trusting that if I do end up getting induced that it's for some reason. :)


Sommer said...

Tilly~My mind does that sometimes too:-) Usually with chocolate though...although, fabric is beginning to be a problem too!

Love the patterns,all very nice. I'm sure you will make many wonderful things for you and yours.

I will keep you in prayer for the inducement. I hope the little fellow will make his appearance before then, but if not...may God keep you both in the palm of His hand!

Lots of love,

Elisabeth said...

"Can't help but proprly punctuate things..." That's me! I'm a full-fledged punctuation and grammar stickler. Sometimes I drive my family nuts, especially my mom, with whom I have a standing feud over comma placement.

Sarah Jane Meister said...

Will be praying for you and the baby!! If you DO have him tomorrow, that is my birthday as well, so of course is a very good day. :) Wishing you and him an easy labor and speedy recovery! Can't wait to see pictures!

Lauren Christine said...

Hello sweet Tilly! I was just thinking about you today and wondering how baby was. I'm so glad to have *free* internet at our latest campsite so I could be updated :) I love all the patterns you got- I have some of those too! May you have a blessed night, and know I am thinking about you and praying for you.